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Network problems and our plans for the near future


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I would like to answer immediately the most important question from our audience.
Will there be P3DHack on Payday 3?

For now, I can't say anything. Of course, we would like to continue to develop P3DHack in Payday 3, but in the current situation with Payday 2 multiplayer and some controversial decisions with Payday 3, such as microtransactions, denuvo, permanent Internet connection, mandatory additional registrations and much more, I would offered to wait for the release, and then tell you the exact answer.
Part of the team already has a copy of Payday 3, we will hope for a positive outcome, but still do not make any promises about Payday 3.

I would also like to answer the second popular question.
Why can't I join someone in the lobby?

The problem is Payday 2 and their developers. P3DHack Exclusive now has two small issues that are already fixed and are waiting for their release, the rest functions works without any problems.

I'd really like to help anyone who asks us for help on this issue, but aside from some quick fixes that Overkill recently broke, I can't offer much. Unlike the developers of Payday 2, we are primarily focused on the quality of P3DHack, and then everything else. Instead of releasing fixes for the network part, they release new paid DLC and "Dead game" cosmetic items, which can be seen as a complete disrespect to their audience, which has been supporting them for more than 10 years, despite critical errors in the game and its further development.

The only solution I can offer in solving this problem is(Only works with Steam):

  1. Open Your library - Payday 2 - Properties - General - Launch Options
  2. Enter there -steamMM
  3. Install The Fixers mod



Our plans:

  1. Close all tickets
  2. Improve site
  3. Also in our plans is the development of the Payday 2 modding community, we plan to invite authors here and give them good conditions for further development. We plan to provide useful mods that will be compatible with P3DHack.
  4. New cheat project
  5. New cheat project
  6. Development of microservices on P3DHack
  7. Improved compatibility with VR version
  8. New payment methods
  9. More social activity
  10. Video material

P.s: The plans are huge and I would like to implement them all as soon as possible, but lately I feel too exhausted, enough time has passed since the tests with a negative result for cancer came in, but I still cannot fully recover from that situation. I will try to gather my strength and make P3DHack a convenient platform for every user. I would ask for some time from myself, but really I just need to close a huge list of problems to make me feel better. I also wanted to express my gratitude to @_atom and other team members who continue to work on the project despite all the difficulties that have arisen.


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Really awesome that you guys already have a copy of payday 3 and testing on it. Doesn't matter to me if it takes some years. I see those mods as a trainer and to skip expensive DLC banks. I'd rather play with a good trainer and wait a few years then having the risk of getting banned or constantly crashing when playing with friends. The payday 2 menu never crashed on me and had amazing experience with my friends enjoying the DLC maps and of course the trolling in the ending ❤️ 

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