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P3DHack Free v4.15 and other improvements!


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  • Since the beginning of this year, we have significantly improved P3DHack, despite all the difficulties that have arisen.
  • Also, thanks to the monetization of free content, P3DHack Free has been significantly improved.
  • I also will try to write down all major changes and sum up every month.
  • In the near future, we plan to release microservices, which we are currently actively working on.
  • We would also like to devote more time to the social and media part of the project.
  • As always, our plans are extremely large-scale and ambitious, among other things, we plan to launch 3 new products.
    •  From February 9 to February 17, I will be on a business trip to resolve this issue.
    • I will try to close tickets promptly during the trip, but perhaps the support will be exactly the same as it is now.

Website and administrative affairs:

  • Tickets closed and pre-moderation worked out
  • Added alternative way to download free content
  • Improved ticket system, added free section
  • Taxes paid
  • 250 phishing videos and links blocked.

P3DHack Exclusive:

  • Removed confusion and misunderstandings from old customers
  • Reworked download page
  • Updated and improved instructions
  • In the section with additional information, new material has been added and old material has been updated
  • Reworked information with password reset if the user logged in through social networks
  • Major update for P3DHack Exclusive released

P3DHack Free:

  • Updated information on the download page, simplified the instructions
  • Started porting the new architecture to P3DHack Free
  • Started the standardization process for P3DHack Free and P3DHack Exclusive
  • Major update for P3DHack Free released
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