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Staff Expansion


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Team recruitment

We plan to expand and invite you to become part of our team.
This time we decided to change the recruitment approach in order to avoid past mistakes and speed up the processing of your applications.
First of all, we would like to see in you a responsible and honest person, with a display of initiative and self-organization on your part.

List of vacancies and their responsibilities and requirements:

  • Content manager
    • Responsibilities:
      • Working with the site: Timely updating of materials on the site, maintaining up-to-date information, identifying simple errors and eliminating them (typos, incorrect links, grammatical errors)
      • Work with social networks: Timely updating of materials and support of up-to-date information
    • Requirements:
      • Grammatically correct speech
      • Text editor skills
      • Having a small contribution to the project. There have already been several messages from you about updating some material in this section

        Site improvement suggestions

  • Designer
    • Responsibilities:
      • Creation and updating of graphic material on the website and in social networks.
    • Requirements:
      • Grammatically correct speech
      • Direct knowledge of working in a photo editor
      • Creating pictures that are not inferior in quality to the current material
        Several works in


  • Youtube manager
    • Responsibilities:
      • Shooting and publishing videos on Youtube
    • Requirements:
      • Grammatically correct speech
      • Ability to use video editors at least at a basic level
      • Acceptable video quality
      • Several works in


  • Tester (QA engineer)
    • Responsibilities:
      • Definition of incorrectly working functionality
      • Finding problems and errors in the program, in logic and in menu design
    • Requirements:
      • Grammatically correct speech
      • Ability to use P3DHack
      • Having a small contribution to the project. There have already been reports from you about incorrectly working functions and a suggestion for improving the product

        P3DHack improvement suggestions

  • Did not you find what you were looking for? Let's consider your option.



  • Free use of our products
  • Cash reward for active work
  • Steam keys and other promotional bonuses


Your application:

  1. Your age
  2. Your native language
    1. Availability of additional languages and their level of proficiency
  3. Desired position
    1. What software do you plan to use at work?
      (If required in this position)
    2. Your ability to use this software.
  4. Experience (If possible)
    1. Have you worked on any other projects?
    2. Who can confirm your presence in this project?
  5. Tell us about your professional qualities
  6. Tell me a little about yourself
  7. How much time per week are you willing to dedicate to P3DHack?
  8. Your current contribution to the P3DHack project. What has already been done by you on P3DHack?
    • This is one of the important points, we would not want to take on new people just for the sake of numbers.
    • Please indicate here your achievements in P3DHack, if you want to become a tester, then indicate what problems were found and fixed thanks to your help.
    • If you really want to be on the P3DHack team, or just want to benefit from it, but there is no activity from you, then please come back later.
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