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Please read all of the questions and answers below to solve common problems and issues with Payday 2 and your P3DHack install


Q: My payday won't start

A: This can be caused by many things. Please make sure that P3DHack is the only mod installed and that you have installed BLT2 correctly. Also make sure you disable compatibility mode and install the redistributable files linked in the file descriptions. If this fails please create a support thread in the English support section.


Q: Payday starts but BLT2 doesn't show up

A: Please ensure BLT2 is installed correctly, and that there are no conflicting mods. If this fails please create a support thread in the English support section.


Q: P3DHack is not showing up!

A: You have either installed an old version, a corrupted download or there are mods conflicting. Please make sure Payday2 and P3DHack are up to date, and that P3DHack Free/Premium are the ONLY mods installed (If you have more than one P3DHack mod, for example, X-Ray and Free, please remove them until you only have Free)


Q: I cannot download the file

A: Please make sure you are logged in, and that you are downloading a version you have permissions to access it


Q: I have a crash

A: Please create a support thread in the English support section, providing a crashlog found in the F11 Menu.


Q: I want a refund

A: This is indicated in the rules with which you agreed. For attempts to fraud with Paypal you will be permanently banned. We provide a free version, with it you can test that it work.


Q: Why do I need to add my address and personal information during payment

A: This is enabled for all IPS-powered payment systems. We unfortunately cannot remove it, and thus is a limitation of using the default IPS system.
But if your not ready to share this info, then use Donation system. It not needed in this info.

Please note that P3DHack will NEVER use your information for anything unless we have been authorised to do so by yourself only.


Q: Menu X and Y aren't working

A: Please ensure your P3DHack is up to date and correctly installed. Please do attempt to re-download the trainer, or removing every mod apart from P3DHack in case of conflicts.


Q: Why do I have the cheater tag?

A: The cheater tag is added to your name for the duration of your Game Party when Payday has detected you are using DLC or Skins you do not own or other things. To take more info please press F11.


Q: Why am I being instantly kicked out of lobbies?

A: You have cheater tag or have more skills than you are available.


Q: Why are some mods being disabled when I use P3DHack?

A: If you notice that some mods are not compatible with P3DHack, then please report this


One of the most commonly used mods that gets disabled is Pirateperfection. In order to ensure P3DHack works fully without issues we disable it. If you would like to use functions from PPR that are not in P3DHack please create a support ticket, and we will be happy to add it in a update! Ditto with other disabled mods.


Q: My question is not mentioned here and I still need support!

A: Please create a support ticket in the English support section, and mention you have read this FAQ!

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