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Help with keybindings or maybe something else?

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So I installed the mod correctly, dragged the mods and the dll into the PAYDAY 2 directory.

The mod doesn't work.

When I press F11, nothing happens.

Is there any way I can change the keybindings?

If that isn't the case, I would like any help I can get.


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Hey @jackplaystuff!


If the F11 menu is not working, it means something has gone wrong in the installation and the mod is in fact NOT correctly installed. You can try the following:

1 - Make sure you are on the latest version of P3DHack found here

2 - make sure ALL the requirements are installed (Visual C ++ Runtime 2013, found in the post above)

3 - Make sure there are no conflicting mods. If you have anything other than P3DHack free installed (except from BLT2, this includes other P3DHack mods like X-ray Standalone) then please remove them and try again

4 - Re-download the trainer, as it may have corrupted itself during download


Hopefully it works for you after trying the above :D


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6 hours ago, jackplaystuff said:

What do you mean by the "trainer"?


In mods/ folder create developer.txt or remain existing develope1. When game starting u can see console 

Start game and go to settings - Mod Keybinds and check keybinds here.
If all oeky then press on F11 and cheak console logs

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