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Uninstalling P3DHack


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In order to uninstall P3DHack from your Payday 2 Client all you need to do is delete the following files:

  • The P3DHack Folder inside of your mods directory.
  • auth.json (optional)
  • PhysX3Cooking_x86.dll

If you also want to uninstall SuperBLT (the mod loader) you also have to delete the mods folder and the file called WSOCK32.dll


If you decided to keep SuperBLT but you want to get rid of the developer console, you need to delete the file named developer.txt from your mods directory.


after this, your game will refuse to launch, don't panic. there's still one more step to accomplish.

You have to rename the file named PhysX3Cooking_x86_org.dll back to its intended name, PhysX3Cooking_x86.dll, after that, you will be able to launch your game as normally would do before installing P3DHack.

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