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Занизить цену на P3Dhack comfort и P3Dhack premium

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10к рублей за комфорт и 20к рублей за премиум. Вас в детстве уронили что-ли? Откуда такие цены для PvE игры? Понимаю, если бы это была PvP игра, но, ОР, 20к за чит для PvE игры. Просто ОР. Даже специально урезали фри версию чита, чтобы можно было окончательно понять, что разрабы зажравшиеся.

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I totally respect your opinion on this, but you have to understand that due to the inflation rates in the countries of residence of the staff members, the old prices could not sustain the costs of the project (hosting and salaries) and we decided to switch form perpetual licenses to subscription methods. that's the reason of why Comfort and Premium are set to high prices.


The release of P3DHack V4 & V5 was so far one of the biggest updates we had in a while, which included changes in the trainer and our web site; for example:

  • The implementation of the authentication system on the trainer.
  • The rewriting of the whole menu class of the trainer.
  • The restructuring of many menus and debugging/bug fixing of them.
  • The implementation of new add-ons in the site, including a new theme (Dynamic).

You may say that we are doing this for the money, but you gotta understand that maintaining this project is not really easy, there's a lot of junk code that must be maintained or reworked as long time passes and the game is still supported by their developers. This takes time of our lives, time that we could be spending on other stuff. but we choose to spend it on developing and improve the project that we love,


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