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09:15:59 PM Log:  (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\platforms\w32\signatures\signatures.cpp:352) Scanning for signatures in payday2_win32_release.exe
09:15:59 PM Log:  (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\platforms\w32\signatures\signatures.cpp:405) Scanned for 57 signatures in 16 milliseconds with 0 cache misses
09:15:59 PM Log:  (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\src\dbutil\DB.cpp:127) Start loading DB info
 NVAPI error:
P3DHack Starting..
Checking auth..
Sending auth..
Lua State: 04587FD0
09:16:00 PM Log:  (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\src\InitiateState.cpp:977) Initiating Hook
Got response!
09:16:02 PM Log:  (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\src\dbutil\DB.cpp:240) Finished loading DB info: 245818 files in 2113 ms
Lua State: 04809C30
09:16:05 PM Log:  (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\src\InitiateState.cpp:977) Initiating Hook

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7 hours ago, toxicmember said:

 NVAPI error:

If you are worried about NVAPİ.error then just skip it.
This is a check for the presence of a video card from Nvidia from the game, if you are on AMD, then you will see this message. It has absolutely no effect

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