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I have a couple questions on the [P3DHack] tag.

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1. If it is in my name (ex. [P3DHack]George), will other people see it in a public game as [P3DHack]George? Or will they just see George? Or will they see something else?

2. Is this related at all to the cheater tag?  (I am asking because I used the DLC unlocker and right after I turned the DLC unlocker on, [P3DHack] showed up in my name)

3. How do I get rid of it? (Yes I have turned name spoofer off, saved and reloaded, started a new heist and restarted the game, none of which have gotten rid of it)

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  1. Yes. Other users also see this like  [P3DHack]George
  2. No
  3. Off name spoofer and select. And below choose where you want to display it, in your case choose no
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