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On 4/22/2021 at 3:29 PM, zekeauh said:

It can, by enabling something in the config which disables some of the "kickable functions"


it is not possible, when the host kicks you, your connection to it is forcibly interrupted, then the game analyzes the packages received to get the conclusion to know if it was a ban, kick, connection loss due to internet data transfer issues or steam server issues, then pops up a message.

as the connection is interrupted, you can't do anything to keep playing in the server, I tried this back in the pdth days, the only thing I could do was reconnect to the server, but since you were added to a blacklist, you receive no level package data from the server, so I end up crashing.

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Yeah, i know that, but i thought the topic was for like disabling cheater tagged features so disabling the auto-kick function of the game ^^

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