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Innovations and site settings for the first week of August

Default Fox

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Innovations and adjustments:
Completely redone the page «Staff»
Added a kind of activity to each employee.

Main changes:
When you pay, you do not need to enter a shipping address
Fixed billing issues
Redesigned description for sectors
The settings for commerce have been made, past coupons from The3DReaL have been removed and new ones have been added from CEBEP72.

Localization and user groups:
Added missing localization in Russian in the navigation menu, in sectors and their descriptions, as well as to the donations tab.
Redesigned localization to authorization and quick login modules.
User groups and their privileges have been altered, localization in Russian has been added.

All authorization and quick login modules are reworked for OAuth 2.0
All old authorizations via VK were migrated to OAuth 2.0

The option "Anonymous login" is disabled
Changes have been made to combat spam and alert system
Optimized search and display of the leaderboard

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