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I think that first of all you are interested in how much it costs and whether it is necessary to pay extra for it you already is Premium?

For new customers it will also cost 10$, for old customers this update is completely free!


Sounds cool! But can you tell a little about this?

We started work on this on May 22, parallel working on P3DHack Premium v1.83. And now, after a while, we are ready to provide what we have been working on for so long.

We almost completely reworked all the code, applied optimization and several of our own technologies. Our testers were pleasantly surprised by the smooth and comfortable operation of this product. We also transported it from BLT to SuperBLT and made the maximum compatibility. We added aim settings here so that you have another reason to try out this invention. New auto-update works on md5 cache sum, we also fixed the problem with self-deletion. And this is only a small part of what we did, and how much more in advance ...


What is the difference between Super P3DHack Premium and P3DHack Premium?

  • All new updates are released first in Super P3DHack Premium
  • Powered by SuperBLT
  • VR support
  • Improved auto update

Oh, it's very cool, but I also have VR equipment and I heard that you are working on this issue.

Yes it is. SuperP3DHack Premium has compatibility with VR, it must be enabled in the settings menu and after that run payday2_win32_release_vr.exe.
We still have problems with the display of menus, but each time to take off and dress the equipment is not very cool, so at this time you can use the automatic inclusion of functions. This will also look invisible, because you can always say that you are playing with the VR version


Will you continue working on P3DHack Premium or continue to work only on SuperP3DHack Premium?

Most of our forces are now concentrated on SuperP3DHack Premium, it's really worth a product, but P3DHack Premium we will also update and support.
Some features will not be in the classic version, due to the classical version of BLT, so we still recommend trying SuperP3DHack Premium for which a lot of effort was spent.


Where can I download SuperP3DHack?


Where can I buy Premium?

In our shop


I still have questions, where can I ask them?

Premium Support Sector

Support Sector

Russian Support Sector

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