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One guy, don't know how, detected that i was cheating. He then kicked me from the game.
He said: 04:24:19 AM Lua: [1] Lingh: *checks player list* you could at least hide your cheats a bit better

One other thing. This guy noticed that i was wearing a infamous mask and asked how i got it. My level was 57 and infamous is 100 and beyond.

11:49:27 PM Lua: [1] ManiacWithABrain: Nice mask King
11:49:33 PM Lua: [1] The King: thx
11:49:35 PM Lua: [1] ManiacWithABrain: How'd you get that?
11:49:57 PM Lua: [1] The King: random safe
11:50:16 PM Lua: [1] ManiacWithABrain: Be honest with me king. Did you hack your game.

He was also hacking because his health and mine, was frozen. Wont go down for nothing! Don't know why this happens. This also could indicate that someone is cheating. I attached a screenshot of that time.

Notice the life meter, his and mine.


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Good morning @The_King

He could know that you are cheating for many reasons, from behaviour to the fact that you had an infamous mask without infamy (Note: Infamy and regular levels are NOT the same. You can choose to gain 1 infamy at level 100, resetting your level to 1)

If he is using a mod to detect, like something along the lines of Stop The Cheater, you can use the built in Mod Hider. You can also elect to punish the anti-cheater. You can find all these options inside the menus in the game.


Hope this helps!



If this has solved your issue please make sure to mark the topic as "Solved" and close the thread, and make sure to give the poster positive feedback!

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The first guy noticed that i was using hack because i used the hack to add more skill pts and this tags you as a cheater but if you leave the game and open it again, the tag disappears.

The other guy said that because i was using a infamous mask.

Now about that frozen health. Why that happens ? It's happening again. Don't know what i did to fix it.

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