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Common problems and solutions


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What are the minimum installation requirements?

We support:

  • Only licensed copies of Payday 2
  • Only the latest current version of P3DHack
  • Windows 7 and above

We do not support and do not intend to support:

  • Pirated copies of Payday 2
  • Payday 2 Demo
  • Old versions of P3DHack
  • Work of P3DHack on Windows XP.

Why can't I download P3DHack Free?

  • Because you didn't read the instructions before downloading.

How do I disable [P3DHack] in my name, Steam and Discord activities?

Open topic

Will I get a VAC ban or any kind of lock? Is it safe to use P3DHack?

  • Using P3DHack will not give you any locks.
  • Using P3DHack is completely safe!

What features will I get the cheater tag for?

  • In the main menu, press F11 for more details.

In the game I have only 30% health

  • Before you upgrade your skills, please check out what effects you will get.
  • Pay special attention to the skill "Frenzy"

How can I change the language? How to enable Unlockers? How do I disable free purchases?

  1. In the main menu of the game, go to P3DHack Menu - P3DHack Config
  2. Make all necessary changes
  3. After that press "Save and reload", for the changes to take effect.

Enemies no longer fly long distances when firing weapons.

  • Turn off "Bullet penetration on all guns"

In the game, instead of text, the text ERROR_ is visible. P3DHack Config settings are not saved

  • Remove P3DUnlocker, it is already present in P3DHack.

Game crashes on startup

  • Install Visual C ++ Runtime from the first point in the instructions
  • Run the game as administrator, if you see an error with code 0xc0000142 or something similar, then follow the first step of the instructions and restart your computer.

I did everything according to the instructions, but it does not work. There are a lot of red errors in the console.
Buttons don't work. The game does not see the cheat.

Please read and follow the instructions again, most likely you forgot something almost at the very beginning.
There are only a few options because of what this can happen. Here's a quick guide on how to find the cause:

  1. Open your console and move the slider to the very beginning. We only need 5 lines to figure out what is wrong.
    • When installed correctly, you will see:
      • P3DHack Starting..
      • Checking auth..
      • Sending auth..
      • Got response!
      • Authed!
  2. If you don't see lines like this:
    • Move PhysX3Cooking_x86.dll and PhysX3Cooking_x86_org.dll, agreeing to replace them.
  3. If you see "Wrong login or password"
    • You entered an incorrect username or password, or did not make any changes to auth.json
      • Open auth.json and enter your username and password as stated in the instructions
  4. If you see "Unexpected error!" or "Something went wrong"
    • You do not have automatic time synchronization enabled or your system clock is not synchronized.
      • Turn on automatic synchronization of time and time zone
      • Synchronize the time
      • Make sure your time zone and time are correct
      • If for some reason automatic synchronization of time and time zone is not possible, set the correct time manually.
  5. Nothing happens after "Sending auth.."
    • Check your time on your computer, as in point 4, it should correspond to the current time in your area.
  6. Everything is as in the first paragraph, but does not work.
    • Make sure you have the rights and permissions to use the version you want.
    • To use P3DHack Free you need to have a group Free, otherwise, nothing will work.
    • If you have rights to use a higher version, then the lower version will also not work.
      Premium cannot use P3DHack Comfort or P3DHack Free
    • Current gradation of versions and required rights:
      1. P3DHack Premiun - Premium or Premium Rent
      2. P3DHack Comfort - Comfort or Comfort Rent
      3. P3DHack Classic - Classic Rent
      4. P3DHack Free - Free
      5. P3DHack Trial - Member
      6. P3DUnlocker и P3D X-Ray - Work without authorization

Additional Information:

  • If you see a lot of red errors of this format:
    • 05:19:48 PM FATAL ERROR:  (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\src\InitiateState.cpp:300) mods\P3DHack Free\P3DHack\Button\Menu\F11.luac:1: '=' expected near 'char(5)'
    • Different files, all lines end with a message near 'char(..)' or near '>'
  • Follow the steps above, these errors only mean that the authorization failed and the game cannot read these files.
    • Do not send such screenshots or logs from the console with such errors, they will absolutely not help us to understand the problem.
  • If you see a lot of red errors of this format:
    • 05:19:48 PM FATAL ERROR:  (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\src\InitiateState.cpp:300) mods\P3DHack Free\P3DHack\Button\Menu\F11.luac:1: cannot load incompatible bytecode
    • Different files, all lines end with a message "cannot load incompatible bytecode"
  • Follow the steps above, these errors mean that the rights and permissions to use are violated
    • In this case, you are using the wrong version that you need.
    • Return to point №6
  •  NVAPI error - Skip this error.
    • This error occurs due to a game because you do not have an Nvidia graphics card. 

P3DHack Trial Not Working? None of the features work in P3DHack Trial.

  • P3DHack Trial only works if you have a group "Member", if you are already Free then it won't work.
  • This version is only needed to check authorization and demonstrate our products, almost all functionality from these versions has been removed.
  • Do not try to check the freezing of players and other functionality, everything will work only after activating the corresponding version.

Why is there no free support now?

  • The number of free customers is growing every day, and the extremely low payment conversion from new users barely covers the basic costs. Taking a full-fledged support employee who would be really interested in work is impossible in the current situation.
  • We spend almost all our time on the same questions from free users who are not even ready to read the instructions. We receive 30-50 messages per day via the Contact Us button with text: "Why can't I download the free version?"
  • There is barely enough time left to release a small update or slightly improve the site.
  • I hope that thanks to the ongoing restructuring, we will be able to correctly allocate the time of our small staff to implement new functionality and improve work processes.

How do I take a screenshot of an individual window or area?

  • Press Win+Shift+S

The game is crashing, what should I do?

  • First of all, check the solutions above, if it didn't help, then only then move on to the next solutions.
  • Update P3DHack to the latest version if you haven't already.
  • If you can go to the main menu, then press F11 - Open crashlog
  • If you cannot open the game, then open it manually /mods/Crashlog.lnk
  • In the file that opens, you will find the problematic mod that needs to be updated or removed
    Application has crashed: C++ exception
    Application has crashed: C++ exception
    mods/Your problem mod/test.lua
Edited by The3DReaL
P3DHack Free v4.07
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