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Common problems and solutions

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Will it work on the demo version?
Will it work on a pirate version?
Why doesn’t work on Windows XP?

Can you make a version that will work on pirates and demos versions?

We support only licensed copies of games and the operating version of Windows 7 and higher!

It is better to concentrate on the main audience and make P3DHack even better than it was, so we are not interested in supporting pirated copies and demo versions.



I did everything right, but there are no signs in the game / The game does not see the cheat



Crash when starting the game / Game closes when starting



In the game, ERROR_ is visible instead of text

  • Remove P3DUnlocker, it is already present in P3DHack.



In the game I have only 30% health

  • Before you pump all the skills, read what effects the skill "Frenzy" gives



How to enable another language?
How to enable unlockers?

  • In the main menu of the game, go to P3DHack Menu - P3DHack Config, change the language and other settings, then click "Save and reload" for the changes to take effect.
  • You can use another way. In the main menu of the game go to Settings - Mod settings - P3D Config, change the language and other settings, then click "Save and reload" for the changes to take effect.



How to disable:

  • Free purchases
  • Shooting through enemies and objects
  • Other functions
  • In the Premium version, all settings can be changed directly in the game, in the free version you need to change the configuration file



Enemies no longer fly long distances when fired from weapons

  • Turn off this item "Bullet_Penetration" in the configuration file



Will they give me a ban, VAC, or some kind of lock?

  • Using P3DHack is completely safe, don't worry about it.



What features will I get the cheater tag for?

  • Press F11 for more information on this.



The game crashes / closes, what should I do?

  • First of all, check the solutions above, if they did not help, then only after that proceed to the next solutions.
  • Update P3DHack to the latest version if you still haven’t.
  • If you can go to the main menu of Payday 2, then press F11 - Open crashlog
    If you can’t open the game, manually open /mods/Crashlog.lnk
  • If you see a similar message, then the problem is in the mods, and not in the P3DHack:
    Application has crashed: C++ exception
    Application has crashed: C++ exception
    mods/Your problem mod/test.lua
  • If it says P3DHack, then create a theme in the support sector



How to remove P3DHack in my name?



I still have a question / problem, what should I do?

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