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Fourth week of July 2019


Are you with us?  

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Good evening! You have not heard news from us for a long time, because most of the time we spend on the technical part or make some changes on the site, but do not talk about it.

I think it's time to change the strategy and some points in the introduction of our business.
Become more open and be better than yesterday!

Major changes this week:

  • We plan to increase the staff and assistants!
    At the moment, we are diligently thinking about how to do it more conveniently for each side, work out the requirements and conditions and everything else.
    Up to this point we had a very closed employment system and we would like to change this.
  • We would like to attract new developers for our new projects, but with this we have the greatest difficulties, as great as our plans for growth!
  • Users rights Apex Legend has been updated. Added more privileges
  • We added Management sector
  • We plan to become more open to the audience, give more new ideas and plans about P3DHack!
  • Updated logo on Robokassa
  • Fixed problems with FTP
  • Improved protection against advertising bots
  • We have made major changes in Staff sector
  • Removed old topics and discredited material on themselves, competitors and other employees in Staff sector
  • We encountered some difficulties with donations and payments from potential customers and we will correct this misunderstanding in the very near future.

In any case, we will grow and develop for the joy of you and the enemies of evil!
We welcome your criticism, advice and recommendations in our new section Suggestions for improvements!

Fasten your seat belts, we are moving forward with you! P3DHack Team!


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