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Found 1 result

  1. Due to an increase in users asking for different payment methods, i have made this topic to outline what we are supporting, what we plan to support, and any suggestions you may have to add/improve payment methods on this forum! Before posting a reply to this topic, please keep in mind that we can only add payments the staff team have access to (Russia and Britian (UK)), and cannot add any geolocked payment systems without users in those countries willing to help out. AMEX (American Express), Visa and MasterCard is done via Debit/Credit card support, thus we will NOT support those individually. All information is correct at time of posting. Updates may be located as replys to this topic, so read the entire thread before suggesting These are the current methods supported by P3DHack: PayPal Credit cards (via Robokassa) Debit cards (via Robokassa) These are the current methods we have been suggested: PaySafeCard G2A Pay If you want to suggest a payment system, how we can improve the payment process, or if you want to help add Geolocked payment systems please reply to this topic. We are open to and appriciate all feedback given!