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Found 5 results

  1. When I try loading into a heist it has a forever loading screen, I looked into the crash logs and it says I do not have sufficient memory: Application has crashed: C++ exception Could not load texture because IDirect3D9::CreateTexture call failed. Direct3D could not allocate sufficient memory to complete the call. I have 16gb of ram and 8gb of vram so I do not know if that is the problem.
  2. We would like to improve the usability of P3DHack for Payday by adding new languages. At the moment, we really need to be translated into these languages: French German A language that is not yet in P3DHack If you are ready to help us, please inform about your desire in this thread. If you do not have Premium status, then this is a great chance to get it and improve the use of P3DHack! Sample application: How to start translating: People who already help us with localization: People who are currently working on translation:
  3. how do i uninstall the p3d hack for payday2?
  4. I've installed everything correctly, but I have no mod settings section in the game settings. could I get some help?
  5. So I installed the mod correctly, dragged the mods and the dll into the PAYDAY 2 directory. The mod doesn't work. When I press F11, nothing happens. Is there any way I can change the keybindings? If that isn't the case, I would like any help I can get.