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Found 1 result

  1. Price: 10$/Lifetime We can provide you much more than our competitors and all this at a dumping price! The cost may vary due to inflation or the increase in the market price. Read information about Premium in Russian Features: Unfortunately, Premium benefits too much, so we suggest looking at a small part of what is waiting for you. User-friendly settings menu right in the game Automatic activation of functions Full unlocked menu on F8, with which you can troll at other players Own technologies and solutions: Crash other players: You can crash other players v3 You will get protection from any troll crashes Rave hostage Convenient and stylish crossfire Activate Triggers: You should try this and this will be your favorite functions! Completely updated functionality for the preparation of meth: Auto Cooker v2.1 - Cook the meth you can infinitely long RatsMessage (MethHelper) - a completely updated advisor for the preparation of meth, works even in offline mode. Removes the yellow-blue effect near the plate. Fast Cooker v2.1 - very fast cooking meth Anti Stop The Cheater: You get 100% protection from Stop The Cheater The effect that will be applied to you will be returned to the sender You can choose what you want to hide: Only P3DHack Premium All mods Or deactivate this function Analog of familiar functions: Ride player aka Piggyback / Friendly Face Turret - RIDE YOUR PEASANTS INTO BATTLE! Police Hotline - "I would like to report a crime... I'm one of the criminals but that's not important..." Safe Simulator Loot Card Spoofer v2 - Spoofs your loot drop in multiplayer to always be a random safe Dynamic Keybinds in Help Menu Secret Skills Name spoofer Skin Unlocker v4: Fully updated and optimized Uninterrupted Steam Inventory (Have all skins and manage your real items) Blocked accidentally clicking Sell Item on cheated skins What else can we offer for you? You can look at the screenshots below or read the text version Fully working NoClip Fully working AimBot and Autoshoot F1: Speed hack F2: Close-combat functions F4:Reboard F6: Secure Loot Menu x25 and x50, now you can raise the level even faster F10:Unlock all tiers F8: Rofl Drill - This is my favorite feature, the drill will drill endlessly, showing that there are a couple of seconds left Change statistics - Be the best in your gang (You can also set which numbers you want to receive) Police Hotline: Report a Criminal Report Shots Fired Report Explosion Report a Monster! Activate Elements: We have the biggest list of opportunities in this field! Remove Head of Enemies - It resembles a shelter on halloween Remove Body - Are you bored? Remove body, instead of head Remove Right Leg - This is something new... Remove Left Leg - The same, but with left leg Remove Legs - Right or left? Let's both! Stop It - Are you tired of it? Return everything to the place Cut head - Cloakers without heads Make Spooks Invisible - Cloakers are completely invisible Launch Players's Cars to Air - It's worth trying, unforgettable passions! Open Van Doors - Quickly go through the heist? Close Van Doors - Or close partners in the van? Only you can decide it Open All Doors - I think that everything is clear here Close All Doors - I think that everything is clear here Hide Doors - Where did all the doors go? Show Doors - It is here, do not worry! Open Vault - Everyone can offer to open vault Close Vault - But who can offer to close it? Only P3DHack! Upgrade Cameras - Not Extreme? Install advanced cameras! Activate Triggers: Enable Units - You should try this and this will be your favorite function! Disable Units - You should try this and this will be your favorite function! End Mission - Tired of playing? Close to failure? Do not worry, you already won! This works for everyone, even if you are a client! Troll World: Delete all synchonized units from map - Play around with it and figure it out, good for removing floor in the bank vault and etc. Dead cops turn to bulldozers Replace all cops with bulldozers Invisibility Eneble god mode for your team Increase Ladder Height And Width Helicopter Mod: Ascend (PageUp) Descend (PageDown) You can control the helicopter through the arrows on the keyboard (not available on all maps) What else? Updated code for free function Constant and timely updates Quality and prompt support from the administration So many advantages and unique opportunities. The rest functions you can see in the screenshots below! Who can offer you such a great functionality? Only P3DHack! Just take a look at how much we've done in the last few updates Troll menu: Payment Methods: Automatic: Paypal Bank cards (Through Robokassa) Russian Payment systems (Through Robokassa) Hand mode: Bitcoin Monero Russian Payment systems You can make donation of $10 and automatically receive a Premium status. Make Donation Or you can make a purchase through the store. Go to store