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Found 5 results

  1. I have had a few crashes that are not mod conflicts with other mods this is what is says in the Crash loader Script stack: InteractType() @mods/P3DHack Premium/P3DHack/Init.luac:0 @mods\P3DHack Premium\P3DHack\Button\Menu\F4.luac:0 _callback() @mods/P3DHack Premium/P3DHack/Tools/
  2. I'm using beta4 version of p3dhack free. I download it from mpgh net but it's crashing when i skip intro. For example i just start a contract and hold enter to skip intro its crushes. If i dont hold enter its crashing again. I cant play game. Just main menu. If you solve this i think to buy super premium of p3dhack. Thank you.
  3. Hello, When i put on in game the x-ray my game is crashing and can't do anything to stop it, i need to restart my computer. Any idea to fix it ? Thanks.
  4. The game crashes when I am in VR and two-hand grip my skinned weapon. How do I fix this?
  5. Dont know if this error log has something to do with P3Dhack, my game crashed and this is the last log Am using the newest versions of "Wolfhud" and "Hostage pathing fix" Application has crashed: C++ exception [string "lib/units/contourext.lua"]:527: attempt to index a nil value SCRIPT STACK apply_to_linked() lib/units/contourext.lua:205 _upd_color() lib/units/contourext.lua:544 material_applied() lib/units/contourext.lua:588 _apply_top_preset() lib/units/contourext.lua:565 add() lib/units/contourext.lua:271 set_active() lib/units/inte