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  1. Hi @KarstenWasTaken Do not understand do you need support or?
  2. do you only use P3dhack? or do you have other mods ?
  3. @Ashtronaut hey yes you can use it but in while you have p3dhack installed your name would have [p3dhack] **** and if you uninstall it then it works and yes you can use it online (it is p2p pereson to person so you should not get ban) just watch out you joiner anders lobbies then you can resecure they ban you from their games but not from others hope its help ask if you have more
  4. @Default Fox that sound good can you pm me @AGDeveloper can you pm me too i will like to tell you
  5. hey i will like to help with danish if you what
  6. the blt is not donwloadet so in the folder ther is the .dll file have you move it to?
  7. p3config there is a option there allow you to auto run ingame (the changes will be on form start of the mission)
  8. i thing you use the fecture gamestate in game that crash the game
  9. you download the zip folder and unzip it and mode it to the game folder take all ////Steamapps/common/payday 2/ and launch the game
  10. check the mod keybind and see what you have bind it to default it's it "END" on your keyboard
  11. TheBeast

    New F10!

    uhh nice!!
  12. TheBeast

    New F10!

    is it an update coming soon? It looks good it has made