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  1. hey @Slav Spaceman you go in and download the super/or premium and then you are good to go but read the install instructions
  2. @Default Fox that sound good can you pm me @AGDeveloper can you pm me too i will like to tell you
  3. 1. Coding and Supporter (I Studding "Datateknican with Infrastutur") i will help with support and soon hope helping coding 2. Not really, but has been a bit of help in here 3. i am a Studdent so i lean it on school and i take it with me home and keep it on i have ben coding for like 3 years (Html. Css. python , and a bit C++) but i lean c++/C# on school 4.Danish and English 5.Bugs in coding and some filtere on the side here so spam and hackers dont Fu#k it up Jannik Routhe
  4. hey i will like to help with danish if you what
  5. the blt is not donwloadet so in the folder ther is the .dll file have you move it to?
  6. p3config there is a option there allow you to auto run ingame (the changes will be on form start of the mission)
  7. i thing you use the fecture gamestate in game that crash the game
  8. you download the zip folder and unzip it and mode it to the game folder take all ////Steamapps/common/payday 2/ and launch the game
  9. check the mod keybind and see what you have bind it to default it's it "END" on your keyboard
  10. Jannikrouthe

    New F10!

    uhh nice!!
  11. Jannikrouthe

    New F10!

    is it an update coming soon? It looks good it has made
  12. The F11 menu its only on the main menu Not ingame and not pre-game Its show a menu with help and crashlog and more(Only a helping menu)
  13. i thing you have install the microsoft stuff you need the mods form P3DHack Free like he say you need the mods go to you payday 2 folder in steam and make a new fodler "Mods" and put all the stuff in there but not the .dll (IPHLPAPI.dll) file that you need in the normal folder payday 2 that i thing