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  1. Hello, so i wanted to know can i get a cheater tag in OFFLINE?
  2. It happens when you do a heist STEALTH but on LOUD when new enemies spawn it does it.
  3. Hey its me again :), so i wanted you guys to know that the X-RAY is kinda wonky in P3DHACK and P3D X-RAY when ever i turn it on it works and after a phew seconds all of the original outlines go away as you know you have your civvies in a WHITE OUTLINE , cops in a RED OUTLINE and yeah you know the deal but after does phew seconds all of the outlines turn into a LIGHT RED all of them the civvies the cops the key card holders and the other ones and the only way to fix it is too turn X-Ray on and off it usually takes more times on a bigger maps for example Golden Grin Casino takes a phew times on Big Bank and some other big heists but yeah hopefully you fix this problem! Thank You.
  4. kiceb

    P3DHACK X-Ray

    Sorry for the late response but Thank you!
  5. So when you check for what you get a cheater tag in P3dhack menu thing, it says you can get a cheater tag for EXTRA SKILLS, but well i did not listen to that and use them but when i joined a game, well multiple games i asked players if i had a cheater tag but i did not so can someone explain this to me? Thank You!
  6. So i tried downloading P3DHACK X-Ray and when it finishes it says this file has been blocked by Google Chrome, it said it was some type of malware/virus, can the developer please explain this? Thank You,