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  1. If there is a new update i can retry but if it's still the same i will take the 14 $ on paypal. Ty for all your help
  2. I don't see the picture. "Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it."
  3. Hello During 2 week i tried evrything but that still don't work i always have the same problem. Even on another computer that don't work... Ty for your help
  4. Ty for your help you are the best.
  5. I have try and i have follow perfectly the instruction but i still have the same problem .
  6. Ty i love you this is the best support ever. I will try if the cheat work i tell you.
  7. Hi Sorry i was on holidays. Now i don't have access but i could start the game without cheat after uninstall and installe the game.
  8. Ok ty for your help i will wait for @Mitsudo . I have join your discord you can call me or send me a message.
  9. I have try everything and that still don't work, i have uninstalle the game and download it. What can i do ?
  10. Ok ty i will try this and i tell you the result
  11. I have a problem, i follow the instruction perfectly but my game crash. Error message : Apex crashed in d3d11
  12. The cheats for Apex Legends is working and is undetected?