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  1. ability to ignore Jokers/Converted Npc's
  2. It will still tag you as a cheater if you are not a host since it's a host thing far as I am aware, Since autokick cheaters is on by default not much you can do about that.
  3. Instantly force it to win round 9 on Holdout since there's no way to unlock the custom Holdout skins for guns otherwise without playing it for a like half an hour
  4. Secret skills got a game breaking bug works fine as a host but if you play as a client your equipment items are completely broken they don't show up and if you force a Sentry turret as your equipment ingame and use it you crash the host's game funny at first but extremely annoying
  5. if you use any options what marks you as a cheater EG DLC unlocker there's a 90% chance you'll be kicked because most servers are got do not play with Cheaters enabled it's turned on by default players have to go out of their way to turn it off and it re-enables every time you launch the game