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  1. Hello, When I want to unlock all the armor skin and weapon and i check on my steam inventory (in game) I SEE ALL the weapon skin but i don't see the armor skin Thanks
  2. Hello, I want to know if you added the ability or no ? Thanks and have a good day !
  3. Hi, When i go in the cheat menu for open ATM'S and take content,nothing open and no content And for the cheat open Atm's,Safes and drawers nothing work to I have the version 1.931 Thanks and have a good day
  4. Hi, I want to share my idea of a cool feature This is a turret hack for convert every enemies turret (SWAT,Heli and more) This hack he cool for people want to go loud Thanks for reading and have a nice day
  5. Hi, It's possible to do something for the cheater tag Because i use the dlc unlocker because i can't pay dlc but all time i want to join a game i got kick And i really want to play with other player and don't have the cheater tag but have all dlc Thanks
  6. Thanks you for taking time for answer my question Have a great day !
  7. Hi, I know how to spawn bag but i want to know how to modify the value for example in the heist Jewelry Store when i take a jewelry the value is 30,000 with P3D Hack but in normal without cheat is 5,000 It's is possible to set an another amount with your cheat Thanks
  8. Hi, I want to know if it's possible to change the value of a bags in any mission. Thanks