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  1. There are multiple different types of "meth" loot. Many maps have their "own loot" and although it may be the same item, it may be a different "loot" code within the game. Try the different meths until you find one the van accepts, (click each one once throughout the secure loot pages) the one it accepts will work for that map. Sometimes there's even phsyical loot on maps (behind doors or under floors) that the loot-receptacle (vehicle) won't accept. TLDR try different loots to find the one that works.
  2. Edit button is gone so I could not add to previous post. The RSS feed bottom left is annoying and I don't know how to stop it (it is blocking chat in lobby) Fast mask also isn't working last two days but it is set to "true" I am also encountering this crash many times today even though I am not using XRay Application has crashed: access violation ------------------------------- Callstack: payday2_win32_release (???) ??? payday2_win32_release (???) ???
  3. It's there, F1, middle section, click and unclick "instant drill/computer" after a drill/computer timer has started.
  4. Sorry, Edit button is not visible on Post so I could not "merge" issues. Thank you for the info to re-add that code into p3d (it is from older p3d v1.6). I still have P3D text in my main menu even though P3DHack_text = false, -- P3DHack text in main menu hints_1 = false, -- Show hints_1 in loading page text is in bottom left corner of screen and opens up a p3d steam group (with 1 post) and some other useless stuff. It opens old links to p3d site from 2016/2017: https://gyazo.com/b602a9527f884aa741c7ac633f4fab91
  5. This is the code I am looking for, Can you still apply it somewhere in p3d? -- tweak_data.upgrades.values.player.pick_up_ammo_multiplier = {4.00, 4.75} -- DEFAULT {1.35, 1.75}
  6. Edit is gone but, P3D keep adding more and more text in my menus, UI, and loading screens. This is bad for screenshots or video. Why add more? Please stop I used to have it disabled. Main menu RSS + right corner + map load + map end I think I fixed, I had to re-edit Config_(P3DGroup).lua after update =/ Still don't see Ammo Pickup % buff
  7. It used to be in the OLD p3d a year+ ago. Does updating via BLT change any settings? Example: Hide all mods I also renamed P3D hack in the config so it doesn't say P3D in my mod list. Something is wrong with new update. I no longer have unlimited body bags. (Infinite specials, interact with everything). Not sure what changed. Also I never use Bodybags as equipment (they have always been unlimited and free)
  8. There used to be an option to pickup a larger % of ammo from drops, is that gone? It was part of the buffs in the p3dhack settings lua.
  9. How do I make the menu resize for higher resolution like 2560x1440? Do you have the file that gives all masks? (not unlock all dlc) Do premium options (checkboxes) in main menu work, just not save?
  10. The3DReaL It may be auto-casino is just broken (Not BLT2 updated). Not caused by p3d. How do I set settings to "auto ticked" like Free civilian kills, infinite ammo, instant interact etc? Which LUA is this in?
  11. I think that this mod is stopping my Auto-Casino from running. I have auto-pick card set to false in p3d config
  12. No one has said I have cheater tag thus far w/ legendary skins. It's just the skins with extra parts right? What about masks?
  13. Thank you, I hadn't used P3D (or played payday) in 1 year so I forgot the hotkeys except F11. I just re-enabled the standard options as I had most set to "false" Do Custom skins get you Cheater tag (for weapons) or only Legendary skins?
  14. Hmmm no edit button, I FOUND the hotkeys I thought was missing, sorry (MY MISTAKE) F1-F8... How do I set the options I like permanent?