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  1. Due to an increase in users asking for different payment methods, i have made this topic to outline what we are supporting, what we plan to support, and any suggestions you may have to add/improve payment methods on this forum!


    Before posting a reply to this topic, please keep in mind that we can only add payments the staff team have access to (Russia and Britian (UK)), and cannot add any geolocked payment systems without users in those countries willing to help out.


    AMEX (American Express), Visa and MasterCard is done via Debit/Credit card support, thus we will NOT support those individually.


    All information is correct at time of posting. Updates may be located as replys to this topic, so read the entire thread before suggesting


    These are the current methods supported by P3DHack:


    Credit cards (via Robokassa)

    Debit cards (via Robokassa)


    These are the current methods we have been suggested:


    G2A Pay


    If you want to suggest a payment system, how we can improve the payment process, or if you want to help add Geolocked payment systems please reply to this topic. 


    We are open to and appriciate all feedback given!

  2. 8 hours ago, 1-Bright said:

    So basically you go to the options, then mod options then go to p3d hack config then turn off dlc unlocker, skins unlocker, etc etc. then you close payday 2 and see if any of your shit says DLC and you figure out how to make it not dlc I did this and I’m able to play legit when I want to


    Thanks for your contribution to this post! The answer has already been given and the issue resloved, however, i ask for everyone that your further explenation is the last answer for this topic. Necroposting (Posting to a topic that has had no replies for an extended amount of time) is frowned upon. 


    If anyone is having issues with the cheater tag, or being kicked from public games, please read the replies already in this topic. If anyone has any other issues not regarding the cheater tag, please open a new support topic requesting help. Please do not reply to this topic. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.



  3. 46 minutes ago, 1n0Hax said:

    hey i was wondering if p3d hack perineum is legit or scam because i mite buy it if it is legit. 


    It most definitely is legit. It is made by a team of hard working professionals, and offers more than any trainer can, for an ultra competitive price. Not only that, but you continue to get free support as you have with the free version here. Overall, i would personally recommend the premium version of the trainer as a proud user of it myself. I have used other trainers before, both as a user and as a contributor, and none of them can match what P3D offers.


  4. 1 hour ago, The3DReaL said:

    0) Be sure to install the 2013 Visual C ++ Runtime otherwise the game will crash on startup.
    Download and install

    3DR, the game starts up, however, BLT and P3DHack do not show up. From my basic diagnostics of the issue, it may be a PICNIC issue. I have a fresh install of Payday 2 i will try installing it to as described to user when i get back to class. 

    If you have any ideas on what it could be please do share :)


  5. 6 minutes ago, 1n0Hax said:

    nope not even the BLT works, and yes I am putting the BLT and the DLL  in payday 2 folder


    Are you also putting in the mods folder? The mods folder contains BLT modules, and also P3DHack.

    Ensure to put it into this folder

    C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/PAYDAY 2/

    BLT not showing up makes me believe this is a different type of issue, however i want to ensure the basics are sorted first. If this fix does not do it, i will install P3DHack into my Payday 2 tomorrow morning and reply with results.


    Hope this works in the meantime,


  6. 4 minutes ago, 1n0Hax said:

    I just now fixed it but now the mod won't work, it starts up but the mod won't show up. 


    Did you put the files in the correct place, and ensured theres no conflicting mods? If yes, please check if BLT loads in.

    If not, try moving the files, but removing P3DHack from the mods folder, and see if BLT shows.


    Please let me know if this works,


  7. We may have in the future. Please check the download page for supported languages.

    Nós podemos ter no futuro. Por favor, verifique a página de download para os idiomas suportados.




  8. Hello


    Its the same way as you would install it on a computer. Download P3DHack version you like, put in mods folder, and play the game. Use F1 - F12 keys to open options.



  9. 07.09.2018 в 05:33, Brupcat сказал:

    Either this cannot be combined with P3DHack or it no longer works.

    Hello, P3DHack already has a built in Unlocker. If you want the full cheat, please use the main cheat, and remove unlocker. If you would rather stick to just the Unlocker, please remove the cheat and use just unlocker.

    Hope this helps matey,

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  10. Please read the FAQ next time.... its in there


    Certain things trigger the cheater tag, like using DLC you do not own and skins you do not own. getting rid of them will remove it. If you want to keep them, then you will have to live with it matey :)



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  11. 10 hours ago, Mac2mnster said:

    That all looks neat! However, I have no idea how to inject anything in these games. Your PD2 hack was great because I just had to copy files to the folder and it was done. 

    Anyway, I don't want to trouble you over this. Since I don't know how to get/use an injector, I wouldn't want you wasting any of your time on doing work for this. 

    Injecting something is as simple as selecting process, selecting file to inject and pressing a button. Good example of this is Inject0r. You can Google for many good injectors. 



  12. The most common issues experienced in Payday 2 and with P3DHack for Payday 2 diagnosed here

    Please make sure you read the FAQ before or after reading this


    Q: My Game Keeps Crashing on Startup. Help!

    A: This is an issue with one of the game modifications. Please make sure that P3DHack is the only mod installed and that you have installed BLT2 correctly. Also make sure you disable compatibility mode and install the redistributable files linked in the file descriptions. If this fails please create a support thread in the English support section.


    Q: My Game Keeps Crashing Randomly

    A: This is, unfortunately, a problem with Payday 2 itself. We cant fix it :(


    Q: I Keep Getting Kicked Out Of Lobbies

    A: Enable Mod Hider. The lobbies you are joining have "Auto-Kick Cheaters" or a game modification such as Stop The Cheater, which is throwing you out. You can also counter the effects of Stop The Cheater using P3DHack.


    Q: My Health Is Very Low When I Start Any Game

    A: You are using Frenzy from the Brawler skill point tree. Removing it will restore your health. You also shoudn't blindly enable skills without knowing their side effects, as a word of thought.


    Q: I Have The Cheater Tag In Every Game

    A: This is caused by using DLC Unlocker and Skins you do not own. There are also some other random triggers to it. If you want to keep DLC Unlocker/Skin Unlocker enabled, you will have to learn to live with it


    Q: P3DHack Is Crashing With Other Mods, But Not Alone

    A: This means P3DHack is incompatible with a different mod you have installed. Please pinpoint the incompatible mod and post a Support Thread and we will work to fix it. As a note: We will not make PiratePerfection Reborn compatible with P3DHack. They are deliberately not working together. If you want a feature from PiratePerfection, post a Support Thread and we will add it.


    Q: Im Experiencing Problems Not Listed Here


    If its a major issue (e.g Game Crashes, corruption, computer freeze etc.): Create a support thread and either myself or 3DR will asist you ASAP

    If its a minor issue (e.g. Wrong text on a button, health, general questions etc.): Reply to this thread and either myself or 3DR will reply


    Q: I Have Questions But Dont Feel They Warrant A Whole New Thread For It

    A: Ask by replying to this thread. We will help you out as soon as possible.

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  13. On 5/30/2018 at 8:18 PM, jlau said:

    Can you share your solution ?

    The solution was not anything a user could control. It was to move away from gitee, and use my fileserver instead, which would be more secure and faster, with no downtime. It is up to 3DR to make the switch or not, as I have provided all necessary access already.

  14. 5 hours ago, The3DReaL said:

    gitee from China froze the repository because of the large network activity, I do not know yet whether to place the auto-update on github or through this site, but in the near future I will fix the problems with this

    Check PM. I may have a solution for this.

  15. 19 hours ago, jlau said:

    Non-Standard Crash Log

    Hey @jlau

    this crash log does not look like something neither P3DHack or SuperBLT would spit out. Do you have any other mods installed? 


    @The3DReaL The error is the source code of a github clone from china. This isn't typical, and I've never seen this happen before, and I seriously doubt p3d/superblt is able to spit out a mess like this.



  16. Hey @Fusion[HUN]


    In the game, do you see the BLT2 Mod Manager on the left and the P3DHack branding on the right? If not, you may have installed the trainer wrong. Please so check and reply quoting this reply to ensure I can further assist you with your issue.


    Have a good day,


  17. Hey @MacD


    Have you downloaded the Premium trainer? Your issue sounds very much like you have downloaded the free version. Please do double check and try with the Premium version. If it does not work, please report back so I can further assist you


    Have a good afternoon


  18. 4 hours ago, CharlesXavier666 said:

    Alright, thank you for looking into my problem. I hope it can be fixed as the information SyndeyHUD provides how many pagers have been used, number of civilians cams and guards, and so on which is very helpful.

    No problem matey, always here to help!

    I suggest you take an alternative menu with those functions, like MUI, until we get this issue fixed, or refrain from using the trainer in the meantime. I know how frustrating it can be without this crucial information ;)


    Have a good day!


  19. Good evening @John Doe


    Have you installed the Visual C++ redistributable files linked in the File Download page? This is what vcredist stands for, so I more than likely believe this is your issue.


    Hope this helps,



    If this has solved your issue please make sure to mark the topic as "Solved" and close the thread, and make sure to give the poster positive feedback!

  20. Hey @CharlesXavier666


    Welcome to the premium family! I apologize for the fact you are having issues with the HUD compatibility. I have never heard of SydneyHUD before despite being a PD2 user for years, which highlights the issue that despite trying to make P3DHack as compatible as possible with as many mods, not all of them will play ball. I will look into this, and pass this incompatibility onto the staff team for further review. 


    Please subscribe to this topic to be updated on new replies, as I will update the thread once I hear more news about the outcome


    Apologies for the inconvenience,