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  1. I'm still alive. Sometimes.

    1. _atom


      shut the fuck up, dead people don't talk

    2. AGDeveloper
  2. Yes, i have been away for a while... I know, I know, it's been more than just "a while", but i swear i have been really busy! All i know is that i'm glad to be back, with plenty of spare time to continue resuming work ;) 

    1. Rainbow Dash Weather Mare

      Rainbow Dash Weather Mare

      Good to see you again!

    2. AGDeveloper


      @Rainbow Dash Weather Mare Thanks :D I still won't be on as much as always unfortunately, full-time work and daily streaming has me caught up a lot of the days, but i'm trying my best! Hopefully some news about projects will come shortly!

  3. I've been quiet for a while and thats due to exams and other engagements ive been involved with that have been siphoning my time away. But ive got *most* of them finished and are picking work back up where i left it! 

  4. Just as an FYI for everyone: Please do not create a support topic and then PM a staff member about that exact issue 5 minutes later. It takes time to see and answer your support questions. We aim to answer support questions within 24 hours; 5 minutes to answer your support topic, regardless of complexity, is an unrealistic expectation of us. We are humans too!

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Happy cake day to P3DHack, turning 4 today 😄

  6. Work on projects will resume on Wednesday, when i will have internet finally activated. 

  7. Starting friday, i will be unreachable on here and most services for the holiday season. Work will continue in 2019.


    Merry christmas and a happy new year everyone!

  8. Ive officially been at P3DHack for a year! Happy birthday to my account :P


    Being at P3DHack has been an amazing experience, and its awesome to see just how far P3D has come. Theres still a post from not long ago celebrating 10k members, and here we are at 52.7K, growing still!

    Thanks to P3DHack, I've finally been able to display my true set of skills and fully get involved in the things im best at as part of the team. It has been an amazing experience here, joining is not a choice i regret whatsoever. The entire staff team is great and the userbase in general is good too. Not only that but unlike most communities, P3D offers customers an amazing product for an amazing price, while being fully honest, transparent and everything is made so well and original, fulfilling everything i stand for.


    Being part of P3DHack has been amazing, and i cannot wait to see what lies ahead in the future, and i aim to be part of that future, and with the staff team, continue to expand and grow P3D.


    Thanks to the staff team, past and present: @The3DReaL @Default Fox @Annet @Evilest @IamALS @CEBEP72

  9. Don't worry everyone, im still not dead yet! Ive been working on a little app for P3D im sure you all will love, but thats all i can say. Its secret :)

  10. Apologies for the recent spam in Support Sector, situation is being dealt with...

  11. I'm swamped in work because of college. That may be a challenge. And I also have a lot of things to make. But do not worry, I have something big planned ?

  12. Yes, I'm still here, alive and well! Every time I look on the forum everything seems to be done and on top of. Great :D


  13. My internet is about as stable as windows vista. In other words, its a complete joke.

    Also, i should have my computer soon. I will be able to do a lot more work and reply 100x faster to support requests with it than on mobile. Apologies to all users for slowness, but I have had a chaotic month.

    On August 8 i find out if it all ends in court, so hopefully it does and I can focus more on developing than calling :D


  14. I like the new profile cover @The3DReaL ?

    1. The3DReaL


      All graphic drawings by Evilest

  15. Apologies for the recent inactivity everyone, got caught up in making music and meeting lawyers. Hopefully I can get a lot more done here on the forums now!


    See you on the forums,


  16. Check out my debut single, Empty Wastelands, on Spotify



  17. GY8O4S5_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&f

    Gotta look smart :91_thumbsup:

  18. Welcome to 2018!


  19. Happy new year mateys! Hope y'all have a happy 2018 :)


  20. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

  21. Hello everyone! 

    I would like to take some time to introduce myself :)


    My name is Arek Golding, and I am a 15 year old Web Developer, Programmer and Support Technician. Known as AG_Developer on the internet, and commonly known as AG for short. 

    I come from Bo'ness, Scotland, and currently live in a Residential home in Johnstone, Soctland. 

    I do a lot of work on the internet and real life, having done 3 years of work already in local places, and have done many projects online including moderation and administration on many gaming communities, websites and have even made things and been a part of PiratePerfection. 

    But as time moves on, its time to settle, and I am glad to be a part of P3DHack. You will commonly find me in the support section, helping users (once I have learned the trainer inside out!) And doing things in and around the forum.


    Hopefully I get to meet you all very soon :)



    Ps. Forgive me if I use a lot of pirate talk, i need to get used to not acting like a pirate ;) Arr!

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