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  1. Work on projects will resume on Wednesday, when i will have internet finally activated. 

  2. Starting friday, i will be unreachable on here and most services for the holiday season. Work will continue in 2019.


    Merry christmas and a happy new year everyone!

  3. Ive officially been at P3DHack for a year! Happy birthday to my account :P


    Being at P3DHack has been an amazing experience, and its awesome to see just how far P3D has come. Theres still a post from not long ago celebrating 10k members, and here we are at 52.7K, growing still!

    Thanks to P3DHack, I've finally been able to display my true set of skills and fully get involved in the things im best at as part of the team. It has been an amazing experience here, joining is not a choice i regret whatsoever. The entire staff team is great and the userbase in general is good too. Not only that but unlike most communities, P3D offers customers an amazing product for an amazing price, while being fully honest, transparent and everything is made so well and original, fulfilling everything i stand for.


    Being part of P3DHack has been amazing, and i cannot wait to see what lies ahead in the future, and i aim to be part of that future, and with the staff team, continue to expand and grow P3D.


    Thanks to the staff team, past and present: @The3DReaL @Default Fox @Annet @Evilest @IamALS @CEBEP72

  4. AG_Developer

    steam was unable to sync your game files

    Hello It most definitely is legit. It is made by a team of hard working professionals, and offers more than any trainer can, for an ultra competitive price. Not only that, but you continue to get free support as you have with the free version here. Overall, i would personally recommend the premium version of the trainer as a proud user of it myself. I have used other trainers before, both as a user and as a contributor, and none of them can match what P3D offers. /AG
  5. AG_Developer

    steam was unable to sync your game files

    3DR, the game starts up, however, BLT and P3DHack do not show up. From my basic diagnostics of the issue, it may be a PICNIC issue. I have a fresh install of Payday 2 i will try installing it to as described to user when i get back to class. If you have any ideas on what it could be please do share /AG
  6. AG_Developer

    steam was unable to sync your game files

    Morning for me will be 5am GMT, in 5hrs, for school. It will be done between 5 and 9am GMT+0 /AG
  7. AG_Developer

    steam was unable to sync your game files

    Hi, Are you also putting in the mods folder? The mods folder contains BLT modules, and also P3DHack. Ensure to put it into this folder C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/PAYDAY 2/ BLT not showing up makes me believe this is a different type of issue, however i want to ensure the basics are sorted first. If this fix does not do it, i will install P3DHack into my Payday 2 tomorrow morning and reply with results. Hope this works in the meantime, /AG
  8. AG_Developer

    steam was unable to sync your game files

    Hi, Did you put the files in the correct place, and ensured theres no conflicting mods? If yes, please check if BLT loads in. If not, try moving the files, but removing P3DHack from the mods folder, and see if BLT shows. Please let me know if this works, /AG
  9. AG_Developer

    steam was unable to sync your game files

    Hello This is not the cheats fault. It means there is either an issue with your cloud/local savegames or a network error. Please restart steam and your computer, and if issues persist, contact Steam directly. Hope this helped you, /AG
  10. Don't worry everyone, im still not dead yet! Ive been working on a little app for P3D im sure you all will love, but thats all i can say. Its secret :)

  11. AG_Developer


    Good morning No, you do not need to pay a second time. SuperP3DHack is free for premium users. Buy either SuperP3DHack or P3DHack Premium and you can use either without extra costs. Hope this clears it up! /AG
  12. AG_Developer

    What is the difference?

    Its ok, here is the FAQ Let me know of you need anything else. Thanks for being a supporter of this site! /AG
  13. AG_Developer

    What is the difference?

    Premium includes many more features than free. You can compare the versions with the store pages of each. In the FAQ, we describe what scenarios trigger the cheater tag. And finally, it does. And always will /AG
  14. AG_Developer


    We may have in the future. Please check the download page for supported languages. Nós podemos ter no futuro. Por favor, verifique a página de download para os idiomas suportados. /AG
  15. AG_Developer


    Hello Its the same way as you would install it on a computer. Download P3DHack version you like, put in mods folder, and play the game. Use F1 - F12 keys to open options. /AG