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  1. I'm sorry if you are not understanding me that well, i know English is not your native language so i will try in Russian if this help (translation is from my Russian friend) Что я хочу сказать, это то, что функция "no negative skills" (без отрицательных скиллов) в премиуме не работает.Когда она включена, функция не предотвращает потерю здоровья от навыка Frenzy, что не должно происходить.Действительно ли должно быть так? Или, наоборот, должно понижать получаемый урон без уменьшения здоровья и получаемого лечения?
  2. I just realized i miss typed something... I am so sorry.... i did NOT mean "perks" i meant to say "skills" when i enable the "no negative skill effects" i still get low HP from the Frenzy skill. which i don't think should happen. If the "no negative skill effects" are supposed to make it to where you do NOT get a negative effect. then that would mean the "Frenzy" skill is currently bugged when you have "no negative skills" enabled. why am i saying it's bugged? well getting low HP from Frenzy would be considered a "negative" effect correct? so enabling the "no negative skills" should in theory give you the increased damage from Frenzy, while also NOT giving you the lower HP side effect or "negative" effect. When i enable the "no negative skill effects" the Frenzy skill still gives me the lowered HP as mentioned before. is this a bug? or can this not be fixed?
  3. Hello! i just wanted to say that I love this hack. and I'm very greatfull that you have fixed the lowered medkit/doctor bag count. however, you still haven't fixed the "no negative skill" issue. here is a screenshot. i have ALL of the skills. and take a look at my HP. i still have missing HP from "Frenzy" and yes, i do have the "no negative skills" enabled i have no idea why i am still getting the negative health from frenzy. but it's a bit annoying to call a feature "no negative effects" when it's still a bit buggy x3 hope this can be fixed! also, im using the default HUD of PayDay 2, meaning i do NOT have a custom hud installed