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  1. Default Fox

    Missing features and things not working like old P3d

    We did not delete any settings. If you use free version than go to mods/P3DHack Free/Config_(P3DGroup).lua and here you can see all settings
  2. Default Fox

    Missing features and things not working like old P3d

    Hey. We are planning to add these settings in a future update for SuperP3DHack Premium. F10 in main menu Settings menu in game avable only for Premium users. For free only unlockers and language settings
  3. Default Fox

    Кэш видеокарты

    Здравствуйте, в ближайшее время сделаем возможность отключить данный код, спасибо за информацию
  4. Отправьте крашлог F11 - открыть крашлог
  5. Default Fox

    Preciso de ajuda, por favor.

    Thank you. Go to the folder Payday 2/mods and delete base folder. In the folder Payday 2/ delete IPHLPAPI.dll Download this file and past this file (IPHLPAPI.dll) in the folder Payday 2/ Start game and in small window press Yes
  6. Default Fox

    Left grip button in vr is causing game to crash.

    Payday 2/mods/P3DHack Free/Free_P3DHack_New/Hooks/Hook
  7. Default Fox

    Weapon Damage mode

    Hi. You only return 50% damage, but I'll add the ability to config this
  8. Default Fox


    Text in the chat from P3DHack is visible only for you. Do not worry about it
  9. Innovations and adjustments: Completely redone the page «Staff» Added a kind of activity to each employee. Main changes: When you pay, you do not need to enter a shipping address Fixed billing issues Redesigned description for sectors The settings for commerce have been made, past coupons from The3DReaL have been removed and new ones have been added from CEBEP72. Localization and user groups: Added missing localization in Russian in the navigation menu, in sectors and their descriptions, as well as to the donations tab. Redesigned localization to authorization and quick login modules. User groups and their privileges have been altered, localization in Russian has been added. Rest: All authorization and quick login modules are reworked for OAuth 2.0 All old authorizations via VK were migrated to OAuth 2.0 The option "Anonymous login" is disabled Changes have been made to combat spam and alert system Optimized search and display of the leaderboard
  10. Default Fox

    Не работает чит

    Уже был ответ дан на эту проблему
  11. Вы при запуске ограбления сразу пропускаете его? Если так, то в основном опыт идет за сумки и выполненные задания
  12. Default Fox

    Не запускается игра

    Проверьте не осталось ли у вас старых читов и модов, убедитесь в корректной установки данного пакета, поскольку проблема только в этих двух вещах
  13. Default Fox

    P3dcheat payment

    PayPal working in any case. More good if you contact with The3DReaL
  14. Default Fox

    P3dcheat payment

    Sorry. Unfortunately, we can accept only Paypal, plastic cards, Android Pay and so on and several Russian payment systems
  15. Default Fox


    1) F11 - Открыть крашлог 2) Если больше 100 сумок на ограблении, то игра зависает, нужно просто контракт отменять на том моменте, где зависает. опыт и деньги все равно добавятся