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  1. Tell your login or send a link to your profile on Onetap site. I will ask Lani or Llama about you. Say the name of the cheat on Payday where you were a tester. If this is some local solution, then send this cheat. Why leave a request in English if you are fluent in Russian? What disadvantages of P3DHack could you talk about right now? You have been registered here for quite some time. What is worth paying attention to in the latest version of P3DHack Free?
  2. Hi. What do you mean?
  3. Approved by @Mitsudo. Welcome to the team!
  4. The five year celebration of P3DHack! We are very happy about this event! Choose language: English Russian Every day we make this project better and better for you! Looking back, we see that a lot of work has been done and the project has changed a lot since its inception. Now we are actively working on new improvements, features and ideas. Unfortunately, this takes a little longer than we planned, but very soon we will publish it. We have added a referral program! You can get up to 25% of the order of the invited person. You can familiarize yourself with the invitation system in more detail here. We are glad that you have staying with us all these years and on behalf of the whole team I would like to thank you! In connection with the latest events, I would like to wish you and your family health and success in your endeavors with P3DHack! Ahead is a lot of new things, do not miss it! And thanks for using P3DHack, we are really happy! Join us on social networks: VK Discord Youtube: The3DReaL P3DHack Official Facebook Twitter Steam
  5. Choose language: English Russian First of all, I would like to congratulate all of us on such an achievement. We are happy about this event and are already preparing major improvements that will appear in the very near future. On behalf of the entire project, P3DHack would like to thank you for the trust and pleasant feedback that you leave! Since the beginning of November, we have made many positive changes, but what lies ahead? Let's find out everything in this post! Staff: First of all, I would like to congratulate on the promotion: @_AleX @Jannikrouthe @AGDeveloper Disabled ads for: Staff New employee Website: Updated widget "Cheat status", added a line with recruitment We have updated information for developers, with a detailed description of important points Updated topic with Premium We talked in detail about all our advantages Made a beautiful and pleasant design Added information about future updates Updated information about Contributor in store Payday 2: Made a new design for the P3DUnlocker file Released updates for: SuperP3DHack Premium P3DHack Premium P3DHack Free P3DUnlocker Our plans: We plan to migrate all our products to SuperBLT. At the moment, there are a number of technical difficulties with the transfer of P3DHack Free to SuperBLT, but active work is already underway in this direction Current status of porting our products to SuperBLT: P3DHack Free P3DUnlocker P3D X-Ray Testing animation for yellow text "Not Available" What will be added soon: We are working on this now: Meth Waypoint Meth Cooking Fast Meth Cooking What we have already done: Locator: Added new type of money Key-card and red room key for new map Adeed Murcy Uniforms F6: Fixed Bag All Loot Premium: F4: Now Grab All Gage Packages pick up: Gage packs Cases Keys Uniforms P3DHack Config: New design in Hud Functions settings Hide "Buy DLC" We wanted to add this a few months ago Feedback and solution to difficulties: We plan to refresh F11 Write in detail about Unlockers Update Cheater Tag Information And enter new sections in this menu We received several messages that the menu is too small on large monitors If you encounter the same problem, then give feedback for testing and a quick fix Also, we would like to receive feedback What should we pay attention to first of all? What would you like to change or improve? Please give maximum feedback! Join us on social networks: VK Discord Youtube The3DReaL P3DHack Official Facebook Twitter Steam What about Instagram?)