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    Pretty much does what I bought it to do, however recently I can't open or see the P3D menu and found that odd so I just installed it again because maybe the files got fucked but still, it will not work, will go report it but other than this little confusion, it worked great!
  1. I have done it and all it was is that the keys were not bounded to a whatever and I just had to reinstall the whole thing over and also the mod because it said error, now it works!
  2. I'll try that but right now I'm uninstalling and reinstalling it
  3. I did move and delete the other files from the other mods and got these and yet they don't work but show the in-game "Updates" and news but not showing the menus when I press the keys
  4. I keep on trying to put the files back in and re-downloading them but it doesn't seem to work. I moved them to try another menu and they aren't working. They won't show on PD2