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  1. The error is caused by SuperBLT trying to access https://gitee.com/The3DReaL/ocherednaya_xueta/raw/master/696.json and because there is no such page (error 404) on gitee.com so it returns the Chinese html. Can we change Hooks\Hook\NewHeistsGui.lua to refer to https://github.com/The3DReaL/ocherednaya_xueta/blob/master/696.json, which GitHub can find ?
  2. Thanks for the reply. In which menu / config file I can do this ? BTW, a temp fix can be replacing Hooks\RSS\newsfeedgui.luac
  3. Can you provide a way to remove the news ticker (on the bottom left corner of screen) for P3DHack ?
  4. Can you share your solution ?
  5. Following error is seen with latest SuperBLT 09:36:46 PM FATAL ERROR: (..\src\InitiateState.cpp:228) mods/base/req/utils/json-1.0.lua:212: Failed to scan constant from string <!DOCTYPE html> <html> </html> at starting position 1 stack traceback: [C]: in function 'assert' mods/base/req/utils/json-1.0.lua:212: in function 'decode' mods/base/req/utils/json.lua:9: in function <mods/base/req/utils/json.lua:8> [C]: in function 'pcall' mods/base/req/utils/json.lua:8: in function 'decode' ...DHack Free/Free_P3DHack_New/Hooks/Hook/NewHeistsGui.lu
  6. Please help to add the following heists in the F9 menu Reservoir Dogs Brooklyn Bank Thanks
  7. Shooting crashed when Damage Buff option selected: mods\P3DHack Free\Free_P3DHack_New\Button\Menus\F2.luac:0: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'Weapon_Damage_Multiplier_Amount' (a nil value) SCRIPT STACK give_impact_damage() lib/units/weapons/raycastweaponbase.lua:2164 on_collision() lib/units/weapons/raycastweaponbase.lua:2077 _fire_raycast() lib/units/weapons/newnpcraycastweaponbase.lua:555 fire_original() lib/units/weapons/raycastweaponbase.lua:459 fire() @mods/WolfHUD/lua/BurstFire.lua:89 trigger_held() lib/units/weapons/newnpcraycastweaponbase.lua:198
  8. Is there a way to disable "hints_1":"We work hard to make P3DHack better" on the loading screen ? I have another BLT mod that gives Loading Screen Info that I want to use, and P3DHack is always overwriting that.