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  1. Oh, that sounds great then! I don't use any other mods on the game anyway.
  2. That all looks neat! However, I have no idea how to inject anything in these games. Your PD2 hack was great because I just had to copy files to the folder and it was done. Anyway, I don't want to trouble you over this. Since I don't know how to get/use an injector, I wouldn't want you wasting any of your time on doing work for this.
  3. I recently bought it in the last Steam sale. I've only played it a little bit since my free time is more limited nowadays. However, I'd be happy to try out whatever you've made so far.
  4. I wasn't sure which sub-forum would be best to post this, but have you considered making a similar cheat for Raid: World War II?
  5. That's in the Premium version. Go to " P3DHACK MENU > P3DHACK CONFIG > AUTOMATIC ENABLED " Once you get in there, you'll see all the options that you can set. You just have to make sure that "ACTIVATOR FUNCTIONS" is check marked for each FKey
  6. I'd like to participate in the VR Beta, as well. I enjoyed the free version so much, I had to get the Premium! Using it in VR would be insane! Oculus CV1 + Touch with 3 Sensors AMD FX-8350 (8 cores) 4.0 GHz 32 GB Ram GTX 970 Win 10 Pro If you need to know more, I'll see what I can dig up. I can share Steam/Discord via PM.