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  1. That happens to me too. Happened one time then it stopped and now its back. And i believe that is why my game freezes too much.
  2. The first guy noticed that i was using hack because i used the hack to add more skill pts and this tags you as a cheater but if you leave the game and open it again, the tag disappears. The other guy said that because i was using a infamous mask. Now about that frozen health. Why that happens ? It's happening again. Don't know what i did to fix it.
  3. One guy, don't know how, detected that i was cheating. He then kicked me from the game. He said: 04:24:19 AM Lua: [1] Lingh: *checks player list* you could at least hide your cheats a bit better One other thing. This guy noticed that i was wearing a infamous mask and asked how i got it. My level was 57 and infamous is 100 and beyond. 11:49:27 PM Lua: [1] ManiacWithABrain: Nice mask King 11:49:33 PM Lua: [1] The King: thx 11:49:35 PM Lua: [1] ManiacWithABrain: How'd you get that? 11:49:57 PM Lua: [1] The King: random safe 11:50:16 PM Lua: [1] ManiacWithABrain: Be honest with
  4. Thx for the reply I installed a newer one after i posted. Then the freezes stopped. Occasionally happens but that might be the host connection. D3DX9_40.dll might cause some problem too ?
  5. I was playing offline everything was fine. Then it all started to randomly freeze and took some time to get back. But at some point, it didnt get back so i had to close the game I will attach the log because is too long. Thanks in adv 2018_04_22_log.txt
  6. Is this the latest version ?