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  1. Adding a shoutbox would feel good. Could be an easy way for people to connect, and I have a feeling it might bring people to be more active in the forum. Even though a discord server exists people tend to not join it, especially if they are here only for the free version. However adding shoutbox would make the forum more active and would also hook the free users to maybe eventually buy the premium. Shouldn’t be that difficult to add either.
  2. Their Paypal is limited, and if you are located in USA Robokassa doesn’t work. Try messaging the owner directly.
  3. 1. Support/Beta tester 2/3. Have expierence in support, mainly on discord, currently operating a discord server with quite some members, was also offered back in the day to be a beta tester for but declined due to me quitting the csgo cheating scene. I have expierence with cheating both from Aimware and Skeet. 4. Fluent in 3 languages: Swedish, English, Turkish I can also speak Spanish however not by heart. 5. Found a pretty annoying bug after only a couple of minutes of trying the premium version, reported it and had it resolved in a couple of hours. If I play around the che