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    I have been using the hack for awhile now, everything is complete with premium and the admins are really supportive and try to help with any problems and take suggestions into consideration. I recommend getting Premium as it adds so many features and and more in the future, most likely. This was worth the $10 and I hope it continues to be in development.
  1. Alright, thank you for looking into my problem. I hope it can be fixed as the information SyndeyHUD provides how many pagers have been used, number of civilians cams and guards, and so on which is very helpful.
  2. I recently got SydneyHUD and realized it kept crashing when I dropped a bodybag or something of the sort. I repeatedly tested options but I am not very bright when it comes to looking at code. I then decided to remove PremiumP3D to see if it made a difference and it turned out that P3D and Sydney do not work very well together. Is there a way to fix this? I enjoy using P3DHack and I even got Premium today, but I also found Sydney and enjoy it quite as much. If anyone finds a way to change the code to where they both work together and you still get the best of both worlds, please inform me of your discovery.