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  1. so i was looking in the P3DHACK discord and found somthing about Super P3DHACK Preminum and i was wondering what it was. I also found P3DHACK Comfort and how diiferent is it from preminum?
  2. a way to spawn goats and other npcs/modles that arent already spawnable a way to keybind spawning The Diamond loot bags (or any loot bag really just need a quick way to spawn them) and a option to add more money like 100bill offshore and 50bill spending money just stuff like that and im sorry too for my late responce
  3. Ok thanks ill try it out!
  4. Thank you! i LOVE WolfHud and it kept crashing thank you for making the fix!
  5. Hey so i saw the custom api and been wondering if anyone has one and wants to share? Have a nice day!