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  1. settings > mod keybinds, then bind all the keys to whatever you want
  2. It's currently 286 USD, which is a lot, the price has been set to this ridiculously high price so users start paying rent instead of buying life time as our previous pricing did not cover the amount of money The3DReal spent on the project.
  3. 1. Yes, the current Free trainer is a 7 day day trial period, once your period is over the trainer will stop working and you have to decide which version of the trainer you want to rent/buy. 2. Yes, god mode protects you from all kind of damage, including tasers, cloakers and goat kicks. 3. P3DHack is compatible with a lot of mods, the only ones that show any kind of incompatibility are HUD mods, if you want to use a hud we recommend VanillaHUD Plus. 4. There are no compatibility issues with any custom map as far I know, so it should be okay. 5. Yes, just turn on DLC Unlock
  4. So.. you want to apply as Support for the site which mainly focuses in Russian and English, and as far I see, your English skills are quite bad, unless you know Russian to a decent level I wouldn't accept you as forum moderator if that decision was at my power. as for the tester position, you told us that you've been moderating "servers", that does not tell us anything useful of your experience, you did not tell us what kind of "servers" you moderated (we are assuming that you are referring to discord servers). Your application lacks of important data and I'm already guessing
  5. go to settings > mod keybind and bind the options manually.
  6. Rename PhysX3Cooking_x86_org.dll to PhysX3Cooking_x86.dll
  7. Do not revive a 5 year old thread like that with such a stupid reply, smh There are a lot of ways to avoid getting cheater tag, but they are not included in the trainer for a large amount of reasons, that's it.
  8. Note: I'm not Russian so I have to reply to you in english. use the secret skills option, this unlocks skills in a different way compared to giving points to yourself and unlocking them manually, this is undetected by anti-cheat mods like wolfhud's skill scanner. I also advice you to start using VanillaHUD Plus instead of wolfhud as it still has support from their original developers and has official support with p3dhack, you won't notice the difference between the huds as VHPlus is a fork of wolfhud (basically a modified/extended version of it), This advice is mostly to prevent any compa
  9. Set your level and then perform an action that forces your game to save, like changing a graphic setting or anything like that, this issue was already fixed in the upcoming version of P3DHack, sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. Main Menu > P3DHack Menu > Mod Keybinds > bind everything yourself to whatever keys you want, if you want f1-12 and the game shows that the keys have been already taken by other settings then you can use this external mod to bind them to these keys anyway.
  11. We are currently no longer supporting the VR version of Payday due of the lack of users who actually use it and how hard is to maintain, also, only the premium version of our product has some kind of support for VR. If you have a premium account please post your problems in the premium support sector to avoid bans, we do not bring support to people who has pirated versions of the trainer.
  12. -- Thread Closed -- reason: Inactivity and spambots trying to post in this specific thread.
  13. first of all, make sure you installed P3DHack free and not "P3DHack Trial". the default bindings are set in the keyboard function keys, shortened as "f1 to f25", if you want to use the numpad keys then you have to set them in the blt mod settings menu.
  14. We currently don't have any Korean translators for the trainer, sorry about that. It may take a while.
  15. it is not possible, when the host kicks you, your connection to it is forcibly interrupted, then the game analyzes the packages received to get the conclusion to know if it was a ban, kick, connection loss due to internet data transfer issues or steam server issues, then pops up a message. as the connection is interrupted, you can't do anything to keep playing in the server, I tried this back in the pdth days, the only thing I could do was reconnect to the server, but since you were added to a blacklist, you receive no level package data from the server, so I end up crashing.