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  1. -- Thread Closed -- reason: Inactivity and spambots trying to post in this specific thread.
  2. first of all, make sure you installed P3DHack free and not "P3DHack Trial". the default bindings are set in the keyboard function keys, shortened as "f1 to f25", if you want to use the numpad keys then you have to set them in the blt mod settings menu.
  3. We currently don't have any Korean translators for the trainer, sorry about that. It may take a while.
  4. it is not possible, when the host kicks you, your connection to it is forcibly interrupted, then the game analyzes the packages received to get the conclusion to know if it was a ban, kick, connection loss due to internet data transfer issues or steam server issues, then pops up a message. as the connection is interrupted, you can't do anything to keep playing in the server, I tried this back in the pdth days, the only thing I could do was reconnect to the server, but since you were added to a blacklist, you receive no level package data from the server, so I end up crashing.
  5. Multiplayer is not working or you get kicked when joining their lobbies? in case of being kicked, ask your friends to turn off the "auto kick cheaters" option when creating the lobby/lobby > server settings
  6. Make sure you have correctly installed both MSVCR libraries: also remember to restart your computer after installing the libraries. If you are using windows 10, try spamming inputs in the console, for example, the space bar. the command prompt in windows 10 has an issue where it stops working until it receives input, that's why Microsoft scrapped it and started working on the new Windows 10 terminal. aditional in
  7. 1. 2. by simply disabling the mentioned scripts, the cheater tag will be removed, but uninstalling the trainer also works
  8. The cheater tag is temporary, it only stays during the lobby session. you can prevent being marked as cheater by not using dlc unlocker and not spawning bags and equipments,
  9. these features are already included in the trainer, you can turn them on in F1 and F2 respectively.
  10. P3DHack Comfort is one of your current 3 Editions of P3DHack for PAYDAY 2. Premium > Comfort > Free Comfort is a cut version of P3DHack Premium, but at the same time it has more features compared to P3DHack Free, read this post for more info.
  11. the DLC unlocker just bypass the requirement of owning the dlc of the contents, if a weapon requires lvl 30 to be unlocked, you'll still have to level up in order to use it. you can boost your level using p3dhack.
  12. have you tried disabling the DLCUnlocker? using non owned dlc content will mark you as cheater, thus meaning you will get kicked from almost every public lobby.
  13. PAYDAY 2 doesn't have a global ban system, nor VAC. You your account cannot receive any kind of multiplayer ban. Overkill Employees, PAYDAY Community moderators or Steam Moderators can ban you from the PAYDAY 2 Community HUB, thus preventing you from creating community content such as screenshots, guides, reviews or linking videos through your steam videos to the PAYDAY 2. Also you will lose access to in-game community content such as masks, weapons and the art gallery heist) but P3DHack includes a bypass for these content restrictions.