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  1. have you tried disabling the DLCUnlocker? using non owned dlc content will mark you as cheater, thus meaning you will get kicked from almost every public lobby.
  2. PAYDAY 2 doesn't have a global ban system, nor VAC. You your account cannot receive any kind of multiplayer ban. Overkill Employees, PAYDAY Community moderators or Steam Moderators can ban you from the PAYDAY 2 Community HUB, thus preventing you from creating community content such as screenshots, guides, reviews or linking videos through your steam videos to the PAYDAY 2. Also you will lose access to in-game community content such as masks, weapons and the art gallery heist) but P3DHack includes a bypass for these content restrictions.
  3. The message is only displayed to you, just like SYSTEM messages. If a message is synced, it will be displayed as if you wrote it yourself through the chat system: "your_name: text". it wouldn't make much sense to spam everyone else's chat with script toggle messages, you would be kicked for such a thing.
  4. Skin drops are managed through steam severs, it is not possible to obtain real skins through the game scripting. Either way, if it was possible, the script would be sold in a special edition of the trainer with a ridiculous price >300$
  5. This doesn't seem to be a problem related to p3dhack, I never have seen a report similar to this, make sure your binds are correctly set and make sure that p3dhack is causing the issue. The best way to test it is by uninstalling or disabling any other mods and trying P3DHACK standalone. If the problem persists after testing the trainer without any other mods installed, please upload the contents of your most recent log files, located in PAYDAY 2/mods/logs/mm-dd-yyyy.txt Spanish:
  6. _atom

    P3DHack Free

    you can turn off the [P3DHACK] tag on any version of the trainer, either free, comfort or premium. p3dhack settings > name spoof regarding the cheater tag, It will always be displayed if you trigger it. Using any non-owned DLC content (jobs, weapons, masks, colors, perks, etc). Spawning more equipment than you have. Using a different equipment to the one you have equipped. Using more throwables than you are allowed to. Using different throwables to the one you have equipped. Using non-owned legendary skins. Picking up multiple bags. Faking a bag drop.
  7. PAYDAY 2 does not have a ban system and overkill can't apply a VAC ban in your account, the only action overkill can take is banning you from posting screenshots, making threads in the PAYDAY 2 forum and making a PAYDAY 2 review on steam. Overkill usually doesn't ban users for cheating achievements, they mainly focus on script developers, not users, you can prevent people from checking your profile by making your steam profile private or friends-only. If overkill bans you, P3DHack will unlock all community weapons like the judge shotgun or the 5/7 pistol, which requires you to be a member in the community group of payday 2.
  8. go to p3dhack settings and turn off "shoot through everything"
  9. You can turn off the [P3DHACK] tag from your name, even in P3DHACK free. mod options > p3dhack settings > turn off name spoof > click save and reload > restart the game.
  10. Turn off the name spoof, save config and then restart the game or start a new heist, then it will disappear from your username.
  11. Apparently our paypal account has been taken down by fraudulent refund requests made by users in attempt to get free premium, we're still waiting for a reply from paypal support to restore our payment methods, we're sorry for this inconvenient.