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  1. For example, none of the players sees you, like NPCs, and everyone just ignores you, but you can do all the actions like an ordinary player (poltergeist is already more) This could be added to the Troll Menu.
  2. Look, As for the Onetap-tester of the cheat (Crack), not the original one. But since this person no longer makes the cracks, I can no longer work with him. I checked for crashes and possible bugs, such as crashes when using SkinChanger and the like. Cheat tester-We closed a long time ago, due to frequent updates from PayDay 2, and deleted all the files that were associated with him, maybe my friend is not, but he didn’t throw them to me, We haven’t even talked to him since then. 3. Sent in English, because I didn’t know whether you were Russian or not, maybe the translator could not cor
  3. Invisibility ONLY for you, or choose those who turn on this mode
  4. Tester For a long time I was a cheat tester for cs go "Onetap" (not advertising), and was a tester 1 cheat in Pay Day 2 (The project was closed) I am very kind, a good helper, an excellent tester, ready to work not a little time (at least 4-5 hours a day) I speak Russian , I know English well. I am a helpful, good tester ,waiting for My application to be accepted and ready to go! P.S(Plz)