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    Просмотреть файл P3DHack Free Instructions: 0) Be sure to install the 2013 Visual C ++ Runtime otherwise the game will crash on startup. Download and install 1) Unzip archive 2) Copy IPHLPAPI.dll and mods in the PAYDAY 2 Game Directory, removing old version and other cheats 3) Run Payday 2 and go to Settings - Mod settings -P3DHack Config for changing the language or enabling DLC,Skin Unlocker or Armor unlocker 4) In main menu, press F11 to learn all buttons and get answers to the primary questions. Members only can download P3DHack work only at licensed version of Payday 2 and operation system Win 7 and above. For legal and technical reasons, the software is proprietary by default. Автор The3DReaL Добавлен 31.10.2017 Категория Payday 2  
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    Hello @MagicTiger123 It is a one-time only purchase, buy it and keep it forever. /AG
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    Здравствуйте. Уберитесь, что нету конфликта с прошлыми версиями и бесплатной версией. Mods/ должен быть только P3DHack Premium или SuperP3DHack Premium В главном меню зайдите в P3DHack Menu - P3D Config измените язык, нажмите Esc и save and reload. После этого появится русский язык
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    Hi. Sorry for delay. Only you see this, but if you hate this text, then you can off it in new SuperP3DHack release go to game main menu - P3DHack Menu - P3D Config - Hud - and off this text
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    Innovations and adjustments: Completely redone the page «Staff» Added a kind of activity to each employee. Main changes: When you pay, you do not need to enter a shipping address Fixed billing issues Redesigned description for sectors The settings for commerce have been made, past coupons from The3DReaL have been removed and new ones have been added from CEBEP72. Localization and user groups: Added missing localization in Russian in the navigation menu, in sectors and their descriptions, as well as to the donations tab. Redesigned localization to authorization and quick login modules. User groups and their privileges have been altered, localization in Russian has been added. Rest: All authorization and quick login modules are reworked for OAuth 2.0 All old authorizations via VK were migrated to OAuth 2.0 The option "Anonymous login" is disabled Changes have been made to combat spam and alert system Optimized search and display of the leaderboard
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    This is because you are not premium. Please make sure to purchase premium before downloading. If you do not wish to have premium, please download the free version. Finally, if you bought premium, but it hasn't applied to your account, please PM me, and I will do my very best to assist you in your issue! /AG
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    hi guys i need some help actually i download and insatll the free hack, pd2 can launch but at the menu it crashed and i installed vcc 2013 ... help pls ! it pd2 on steam ...
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    Please read last lines in this message. We support only licensed version and Win7+
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    I would encourage everyone to buy the premium version it is so much fun and totally worth. They totally deserve it for all the time and effort they put into this
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    Which I had seen the promo before I bought it at the end of 2017 but it's still worth it. It's a lot of fun. Keep up the good work
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    Ah, that's explains it! Yeah, I used to be a part of that ship, but now I have moved over here, and I am well happier and better! Good to see you here
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    Please see attached post. /AG
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    Hello and thank you very much for all the work put into this hack! :))
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    Text in the chat from P3DHack is visible only for you. Do not worry about it
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    For new customers it will also cost 10$, for old customers this update is completely free! We started work on this on May 22, parallel working on P3DHack Premium v1.83. And now, after a while, we are ready to provide what we have been working on for so long. We almost completely reworked all the code, applied optimization and several of our own technologies. Our testers were pleasantly surprised by the smooth and comfortable operation of this product. We also transported it from BLT to SuperBLT and made the maximum compatibility. We added aim settings here so that you have another reason to try out this invention. New auto-update works on md5 cache sum, we also fixed the problem with self-deletion. And this is only a small part of what we did, and how much more in advance ... Yes it is. SuperP3DHack Premium has compatibility with VR, it must be enabled in the settings menu and after that run payday2_win32_release_vr.exe. We still have problems with the display of menus, but each time to take off and dress the equipment is not very cool, so at this time you can use the automatic inclusion of functions. This will also look invisible, because you can always say that you are playing with the VR version Most of our forces are now concentrated on SuperP3DHack Premium, it's really worth a product, but P3DHack Premium we will also update and support. Some features will not be in the classic version, due to the classical version of BLT, so we still recommend trying SuperP3DHack Premium for which a lot of effort was spent. In our shop Premium Support Sector Support Sector Russian Support Sector
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    Just download and install...
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    The menu doesnt open...
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    Hi. In the latest updates it began to happen, it was not special. I recommend removing PiratePerfection because it has not actually been updated for more than a year. If you need some functions from this cheat, then tell me. I will make CustomApi with the features you needed in the very near future.
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    I just checked and downloaded the file from your account, it's all right. You need to log in to your account and after that go here and click "Download this file"
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    может пора уже буржуйскую версию 1.7.9 дать обычным смертным?