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    The most common issues experienced in Payday 2 and with P3DHack for Payday 2 diagnosed here Please make sure you read the FAQ before or after reading this Q: My Game Keeps Crashing on Startup. Help! A: This is an issue with one of the game modifications. Please make sure that P3DHack is the only mod installed and that you have installed BLT2 correctly. Also make sure you disable compatibility mode and install the redistributable files linked in the file descriptions. If this fails please create a support thread in the English support section. Q: My Game Keeps Crashing Randomly A: This is, unfortunately, a problem with Payday 2 itself. We cant fix it Q: I Keep Getting Kicked Out Of Lobbies A: Enable Mod Hider. The lobbies you are joining have "Auto-Kick Cheaters" or a game modification such as Stop The Cheater, which is throwing you out. You can also counter the effects of Stop The Cheater using P3DHack. Q: My Health Is Very Low When I Start Any Game A: You are using Frenzy from the Brawler skill point tree. Removing it will restore your health. You also shoudn't blindly enable skills without knowing their side effects, as a word of thought. Q: I Have The Cheater Tag In Every Game A: This is caused by using DLC Unlocker and Skins you do not own. There are also some other random triggers to it. If you want to keep DLC Unlocker/Skin Unlocker enabled, you will have to learn to live with it Q: P3DHack Is Crashing With Other Mods, But Not Alone A: This means P3DHack is incompatible with a different mod you have installed. Please pinpoint the incompatible mod and post a Support Thread and we will work to fix it. As a note: We will not make PiratePerfection Reborn compatible with P3DHack. They are deliberately not working together. If you want a feature from PiratePerfection, post a Support Thread and we will add it. Q: Im Experiencing Problems Not Listed Here A: If its a major issue (e.g Game Crashes, corruption, computer freeze etc.): Create a support thread and either myself or 3DR will asist you ASAP If its a minor issue (e.g. Wrong text on a button, health, general questions etc.): Reply to this thread and either myself or 3DR will reply Q: I Have Questions But Dont Feel They Warrant A Whole New Thread For It A: Ask by replying to this thread. We will help you out as soon as possible.
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