How to add custome keybind ?

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Hi, I want to add this code to get more continental coins. What should I do with this script ?

  1. {
  2. "name": "blabla",
  3. "description": "ayylmao",
  4. "author": "dunno its old",
  5. "contact": "dont",
  6. "version": "xd",
  7. "blt_version" : 2,
  8. "color" : "50 50 50",
  9. "keybinds" : [
  10. {
  11. "keybind_id" : "continental_tool",
  12. "name" : "Continental Coin Binding",
  13. "description" : "",
  14. "script_path" : "keybinds/continental.lua",
  15. "run_in_menu" : true,
  16. "run_in_game" : false,
  17. "localized": false
  18. }
  19. ]
  20. }
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I am sorry for the delay,  @mattfr1.  Unfortunately we are not Pirate Perfection to scoff at customers. Just in the main menu, click F10 - Continental Coins.

We also have CustomApi system, so if you want add self code, then open mods/P3DHack folder/CustomApi/CustomApi.luac is custom KeyBinds and custom hook is custom hook. If you need add custome button, do open CustomApi.luac and add your code. After that in main menu press settings - Mod KeyBinds and make KeyBinds on CustomApi what you prefer button to use

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