P3DHACK X-RAY not working correctly?

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Hey its me again :), so i wanted you guys to know that the X-RAY is kinda wonky in P3DHACK and P3D X-RAY when ever i turn it on it works and after a phew seconds all of the original outlines go away as you know you have your civvies in a  WHITE OUTLINE , cops  in a RED OUTLINE and yeah you know the deal but after does phew seconds all of the outlines turn into a LIGHT RED all of them the civvies the cops the key card holders and the other ones and the only way to fix it is too turn X-Ray on and off it usually takes more times on a bigger maps for example Golden Grin Casino takes a phew times on Big Bank and some other big heists but yeah hopefully you fix this problem!

Thank You.

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В 01.02.2018 в 14:33, kiceb сказал:

It happens when you do a heist STEALTH but on LOUD when new enemies spawn it does it.

Sorry for long delay. I forgot to click the send button...
You say about X-Ray or P3DHack Free, because X-Ray using Premium X-Ray.

There may be a loss of FPS due to a long distance or a large number of enemies. I think that problems in optimize the game, because if you highlight everyone through public X-Ray, then people who use a regular game without mods will also get a loss of FPS

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