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It is already approaching the end of 2017 and it's time to complete our work. During this very long period, we have traveled a long way, in which we sometimes took not quite right decisions, but having analyzed the mistakes, we still found the right direction and we will try not to lose it in 2018!

Here are brief results of the work done:
Management changes: 
AG_Developer and Default Fox joined our team

P3DHack changes:
The basic settings of our cheat can be edited right in the game, and in Premium all settings have been transferred right into the game.
There was full support for English, Spanish and Chinese.
We re-wrote the cheat with LuaJIT, made a huge number of changes and fixes, and added a lot of new features. We added auto-update and added a mod hider.
A large-scale optimization was carried out, and the resulting size of the cheat decreased by 40 - 50% without any compromise to the functionality of P3DHack.

Backend changes:

We received a not very pleasant experience with WordPress and WPForo
In Q3, the site was moved to IPS Community BB, now the site became easier to use for everyone.
With the transition to IPS Community BB, we managed to get an SSL certificate.
We added a number of automatic payment systems: Paypal and Robokassa
We also fixed problems with registration, added a quick login through Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Live and Google Account

We carried out a large-scale work on SEO optimization
Google Page Speed ranking was raised from 21 to 85
Added a sitemap and much, much more.

And if you have read this far, then we have a good gift for you!
Until the end of 2017, we are giving away 50 promotional codes for a 30% discount on premium when paid through Robokassa!
Promo Code: End2017

And above all, have a happy new year!

P.s Also do not forget to join us at FacebookVkontakte, Twitter

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1 hour ago, XxRobloxX said:

uhh am i retarded my unlocker HAX isn't working it said the developer need to update it

Please report any issues in the Support Section in the future

Please make sure you are on the latest version, as I can assure you the hack works fine



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