[solution] cannot load incompatible bytecode

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The "cannot load incompatible bytecode" error can be caused for multiple reasons.

  1. You did not install the MSVC libraries required for P3DHack and BLT to run or you did not restart your computer after doing so, Links are in the file download page.
  2. You did not properly install the PhysX3Cooking_x86 and PhysX3Cooking_x86_org files or your anti virus got rid of them, make sure you add an exception to these,
  3. Incorrect login or password! - You did not edit your auth.json file with your P3DHack account credentials or you committed an error in the process.
  4. Your user group does not have permissions to use that P3DHack product you are trying to run.
  5. You do not have automatic time synchronization enabled or your system clock is out of sync.



Examples of the 4th case scenario:

The user @Uziel2021 has the Premium Rent user group, which has access to the download of P3DHack Premium and Authentication permissions for it.

When this user tries to run P3DHack Premium he will not present any errors in the console aside from NVAPI error because he does not own an Nvidia Graphics card (This is from The game itself, not P3DHack).


But, when he tries to run P3DHack Comfort, he will present the "cannot load incompatible bytecode" error in the console. This is because Premium Rent does not have Download or Authentication permissions for P3DHack Comfort unlike the Comfort Rent user group.



Q: How do I know what is my current user group?

A: Your user group is the Title under your display username in your profile.



Q: How do I unlock an user group?

A: User groups are automatically assigned once the payments for the due product is completed.


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