FATAL ERROR: (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\src\InitiateState.cpp:300) mods/P3DHack Free/P3DHack/Hooked/Hints/Setup.luac: cannot load incompatible bytecode

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how to fix this error? 

FATAL ERROR:  (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\src\InitiateState.cpp:300) mods/P3DHack Free/P3DHack/Localizator/LocalizationManagers.luac: cannot load incompatible bytecode


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Incompatible Bytecode means that the PhysX3Cooking_x86.dll file was not replaced in the installation of the trainer, please make sure you replace it with the file provided in the .zip so the trainer injects correctly.

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same issue, i doublechecked PhysX3Cooking_x86.dll replacement, but is still not working. pd3hack classic. everything was working fine on trial versionimage.thumb.png.dadc3095945f6342cffb1971456452c1.png

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