All achievements unlocker ban?

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On 1/4/2021 at 9:30 AM, Berenjeno said:

Could I get a steam ban from getting all achievements unlocked??

PAYDAY 2 does not have a ban system and overkill can't apply a VAC ban in your account, the only action overkill can take is banning you from posting screenshots, making threads in the PAYDAY 2 forum and making a PAYDAY 2 review on steam.

Overkill usually doesn't ban users for cheating achievements, they mainly focus on script developers, not users, you can prevent people from checking your profile by making your steam profile private or friends-only.


If overkill bans you, P3DHack will unlock all community weapons like the judge shotgun or the 5/7 pistol, which requires you to be a member in the community group of payday 2.

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